0 thoughts on “Trade recap for May 17th”

  1. Hi Reaper,

    Enjoy your daily posts. I just went silver with Tim Sykes and have been in the chat room a couple of times. Have been trading off and on for 5 years but have just started to get really serious about it. There’s alot to learn. You and Tim do a real nice job of helping folks out. Thanks for all you do.

    Chris Quinn

  2. i’m hearing there have been shares of IFLG and HAUP at SpeedTrader. Just wondering if you can confirm this, and if you like SpeedTrader over TOS for shares avail.

    TOS is nice but shares to short with a broker that allows after hours trading is nicer.

  3. Im sorry Michael. I just found the post on your reviews of all the brokers that you did yesterday. Thats just me being dumb lately.

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