Trade recap for March 9th

Lots of trades, not great results.

Daily profit: ($642.56)

(I’m up over $1100 unrealized on AENY and TEAR.)

Trades at IB:
SLD    2,000    STTN    false    Stock    0.5900    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:01:47        5.90
SLD    2,000    AENY    false    Stock    3.4000    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:09:48        10.00
SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock    3.4200    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:27:15        5.00
BOT    1,000    ZANE    false    Stock    3.1000    USD    SMART    09:30:15        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    ZANE    false    Stock    2.960    USD    SMART    09:30:42        5.00
BOT    1,000    ZANE    false    Stock    3.0500    USD    ISLAND    09:32:21        5.00
SLD    1,000    ZANE    false    Stock    3.2000    USD    SMART    09:33:55        5.00
SLD    2,934    CLNH    false    Stock    0.2500    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:34:17        5.87
SLD    5,000    CLNH    false    Stock    0.2500    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:34:25        10.00
+    BOT    1,000    TEAR    false    Stock    3.500    USD    SMART    09:35:36        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    TEAR    false    Stock    3.217    USD    ARCA    09:36:49        5.00
SLD    1,000    CSGJ    false    Stock    0.9300    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:38:36        4.65
+    SLD    2,500    STTN    false    Stock    .563    USD    SMART    09:39:46        7.04
SLD    1,000    CSGJ    false    Stock    0.9200    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:39:57        4.60
SLD    2,500    STTN    false    Stock    0.5550    USD    ARCAEDGE    09:40:42        6.94

Disclosure: Short 3,000 AENY and 900 TEAR. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for March 9th”

  1. Dare I put words in the Reapers mouth, but I’m pretty sure Sogo was the only place to get ZANE.

    I havent given up on IB, but all the recent plays have NOT been available there. I think their list is as big as ever, just they have had none of the hot plays lately. Or if they did, no big quantities.

  2. Yeah, i still love IB and won’t be quitting on it soon, but I was really surprized to see nothing on IB for ZANE, even though 10m shares were traded today…

    Btw is it Sogo-elite or regular Sogo account that had shares. Sorry for the dumb question, but I don’t recollect which one has OTC borrows ?

    1. SogoTrade – Sogotrade’s parent company is Genesis Securities. You can see their short list at this url: Use your browser’s search function (Ctrl+F on many browsers) to search the list for a particular stock. This list does not update during the day so it is possible a stock on the list will not be shortable later in the day. Shorting OTC BB stocks is allowed (Pink Sheet stocks cannot be traded long or short) but SogoTrade rarely has borrows on OTC BB stocks. Stocks that open the day under $3 cannot be shorted using Sogotrade but can be shorted at SogoElite. It is possible to borrow and short stocks not on the short list by calling the SogoTrade trade desk.

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