Trade recap for March 8th and watchlist for March 9th

At the end of the video I discuss a few stocks to watch for tomorrow.

Daily profit: $395.21

Trades at IB:
BOT    3,500    STTN    false    Stock    0.5500    USD    SMART    14:25:19        9.62
BOT    3,500    STTN    false    Stock    0.5500    USD    SMART    15:34:35        9.62
+    BOT    7,934    CLNH    false    Stock    .220    USD    SMART    15:39:32        8.73
BOT    2,000    CSGJ    false    Stock    0.9300    USD    SMART    15:58:41        9.30

Disclosure: Long 7,000 shares of STTN, 7934 shares of CLNH, 2000 shares of CSGJ, and short 2000 shares of ZANE (I covered 1,000 shares in aftermarket trading after recording my video above). No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for March 8th and watchlist for March 9th”

  1. When you are showing us your videos, are you suing your touchscreen for all the interactions?

    Do you actually place trades using the touchscreen? Just curious as to how much you use the touchscreen and whether you would recommend it for trading, not necessarily for protecting your arms.

    1. I mostly use the touchscreens when moving the cursor a far distance (from one monitor to another) or when browsing the web. Probably only 20% of the time. But I still love them and would not want to be without them.

    1. Nope … they often don’t have great ones but sometimes they do. Just gotta open up multiple accounts. My $7k in ECOB profits in January was only possible because IB had the shares while no one else did.

  2. Hi reaper,

    You have any insight about the weirdness with which OTC limit orders are filled? Today I sold 600 GLRP. The inside market (I have pinksheets level 2) was $0.45 (2500 size) X $0.53 (5000 size). I put a limit sell 600 @ $0.4989. I was filled 600 @ $0.53.

    This happens all the time. If I’m smaller than some sort of (arbitrary?) minimum size (like 2500 or 5000), and I place a buy or sell limit between the bid/ask, I’ll usually get filled on the bid/ask, even though I’m offering a better price.

    It’s like, for some reason, because my size isn’t “big enough,” they just say “well phooey you can have the inside market price.” I don’t really understand why this happens? I mean, gee thanks, but why the gift? Is it that the marketmakers can’t see my price if I’m too small? Any ideas?

  3. Probably true. That particular case happened with ETFC, although I’ve had it happen with LightSpeed and Zecco too.

    Despite the weirdness, the price improvements are a nice surprise, anyway.

    1. Oh I’m sorry, I read that wrong … yeah price improvement happens with me to fairly frequently. That is usually because you need a MM to fill you and if they jump over your price then you’ll get filled at their new price

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