Trade recap for February 11th & watchlist for tomorrow

No Nasdaq stocks interest me now. In the video I go over interesting pump & dumps on the OTC BB.

Daily profit: $180.26

Disclosure: Long 10,000 PEPR. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

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    1. Here is what one said:

      Hi Everyone,

      We know a lot of you have been waiting for our new big pick, and we have finally found it!

      A lot of our subscribers made fantastic profit with our last pick MCDE last month when it ran from 0.15 to 0.50, and we are confident that this one could deliver similar results, if not better!

      Our newest pick is PEPR !

      PEPR is very special pick, and let me explain why:
      PEPR has only recently been listed on the exchange.
      There is an opportunity to own a piece of the company before everyone else!
      Opportunities like these don’t come very often, and we are very proud to offer it FIRST to our subscribers.

      Remember when Google came out 100$? Didn’t we all wish we jumped on that opportunity?
      This is the same situation!

      PEPR jumped 27% today!
      PEPR shattered recent volume records, with an incredible 22 million traded today!

      NOW HERE IS THE BEST PART: PEPR has just released some BIG PR!

      1) Venture Research issues PEPR Speculati ve BUY Recommendation with 3.75$ TargetPrice!

      Trusted research company Venture Research LLC gave PEPR a Speculative Buy Recommendation with a 3.75$ TargetPrice today!

      At the current level of only 39 cents, this would represent a gain of over 850% from today PEPR could be on its way to becoming the microcap company of the year!

      The research report provides extensive research and data about both the Natural Gas sector, as well as Pepper Rock Resources Corp. (PEPR) itself. It also provides financials, projected financials as well as their evaluation method. – Make sure to check it out!

      Link to research report (in PDF format)

      2) Pepper Rock Resources Announces Investment in Texas Gas Project

      PEPR announced their inital investment of $300,000 for their new joint venture project! This amount is significant, and proves that the company is actively seeking and exploiting new opportunities.

      The project constitutes re-entering 2 existing natural gas wells, which the company believes to contain big amounts of exploitable and profitable natural gas.

      Another important aspect is that PEPR is working closely with Oxalis Energy Group for this project. Not only will the 2 companies complement each other and provide synergies, but this could also provide a stepping stone for PEPR to enter into more joint ventures in the future!

      PEPR just appointed their brand new CEO & President: Mr. Phil Kueber, who has the strategy and the vision to catapult the company to new heights!

      He has over 20 years of experience, having also served as president and CEO of other successful Oil and Gas companies. As previously mentioned, the new CEO is also proactively researching and entering into new reserves in order to increase profits and grow the company!

      So what does Pepper Rock Resources Corp. (PEPR) do?

      Pepper Rock Resources Corp. (PEPR) focuses on the careful identification and acquisition of high quality opportunities in the natural gas sector.

      PEPR focuses on the following aspects:
      – Exploratory promise
      – Ongoing production
      – In-Place infrastructure
      – Growth potential
      – Ability to offer quick returns
      – Ability to offer long term value

      For more information, you can check out the company’s beautiful website at http://www.

      As we are witnessing first hand, PEPR definitely has the potential for something huge.

      With the new projects that PEPR is undertaking, as well as the massive 3.75$ TargetPrice issued today, we will not be surprised to see this company turn into an unstoppable monster!

      Make sure to watch PEPR very closely tomorrow. Fireworks could be on the agenda!

      Happy Trading,
      Your PennyStocksGains Editor.

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