Trade recap for February 9th: $1500 a day keeps the revivified lemurs away

Only one meaningful trade today and two tiny losses not even worth discussing. At the end of the video I address the accusation that the only way I make money is by scalping off of Tim Sykes’ trades.

Daily profit: $1473.98

Disclosure: No positions in any stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

12 thoughts on “Trade recap for February 9th: $1500 a day keeps the revivified lemurs away”

  1. You bought that thing at the open? Seems mighty random to me with no other reason.

    And it pulled back after that open move. You buying 10-20k worth of garbage at the open on nothing more than a whim?

    1. Not garbage when it makes money 🙂 its not a whim… Study newsletters day in and day out… and figure them out – takes some risk sometimes they don’t work out like WTKN when they cancel, other times like today they pay out 5 figures

      Here’s why:

      (Feb 09-08:32) InvestorsLive: I really hope they don’t re pump but based on hints I’m watching CNWI for volume
      (Feb 09-08:32) InvestorsLive: for bestdamn
      (Feb 09-08:32) InvestorsLive: they did it before, last week could have been a clean up job

    1. If you want some linky love then next time don’t ask me to avoid explaining it. If I am not explaining it I sure as hell won’t just say, “Buy because IL likes it!”

  2. don’t listen to that crap Reaper,
    there was 2 jerks actually that said bad things about your site.

    I like your site and come here a few times a day.

  3. Reaper, I want to thank you for your site. I am a beginner and come here to learn from you.

    Thanks for your kind manner.

  4. one of the best sites to learn daytrading! name a better one,
    he shows his mechanics, methods, watchlists for the next day ,and even beats up Sykes! he does it in a clear and concise manner!

  5. Yeah, I figured it out. Try keeping it honest, telling us about all the ‘volume’ it did for the day is hardly an explanation for why you bought at the open.

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