Watchlist for the 4th day of the new year

A couple big runners on short watch. These have been profiled previously. They are up big on security / airline /terrorist fears.

Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN) – Nice big move, steady in the morning and then faded into the close. I’m looking for a short on red.


ICx Technologies, Inc. (ICXT) – Small black candle with big wicks at both ends. I’m looking to short aggressively on red or the break of Thursday’s support at $9.30.


A few others to consider:

eOn Communications Corp. (EONC) – Had a first red day after an 80% move on seven straight white candles. I would look for it to fall more but this thing has a low float and has been stubborn in the past. I will likely not look to short it.


Implant Sciences Corp. (IMSC.OB) – Low-priced; up over 1000% in four days, this has to be pump. Hopefully it doubles again … then I would look to short. This is also up on hype related to airport security.


Americas Energy Company (AENY.OB) – Was a great breakout, now over-extended. This thing is pumpish and has been pumped before. Hopefully it has another great day and then I would look to short after that, on weakness.


Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for the 4th day of the new year”

  1. MACE possible breakout, decent volume.
    PPHM on green could be nice, closed strong and decent volume.
    NVLT may be a dangerous play but on green could be nice.

  2. FCEL could break out and run tomorrow, decent volume. It also has resistance and could be good on red if it stalls.
    GNVC was mentioned in chat, it has a small ADR but had decent volume and has a potential b/o chart. It was also noted that it has a very choppy chart.

  3. KNDI enjoyed a very nice A.M. breakout on news of strategic alliance with CNOOC to build electric vehicles. I was going to buy it this morning, but realized I didn’t bring my passkey card to work (required by Bank of America on some trades). Double Rats!

  4. Disclaimer from the paid newsletter touting AENY:

    The distribution costs of this report to new subscribers, one hundred fifty thousand dollars, were funded by Bistro Ltd. in an effort to create investor awareness of Americas Energy Company, Inc. Bistro Ltd. is neither a broker-dealer nor investment advisor, but is a shareholder in Americas Energy Company, Inc., holding one million shares of Americas Energy Company, Inc. shares which can be publicly traded (sold) at any time by Bistro Ltd.

  5. wow…what a day!

    wound up going fairly large short IDN with run up at end – not sure if there will be shares to short tomorrow…over night hold for me.

    GN and GL


  6. Yes, I agree Lucid. I lost out on KNDI action, but I was able to trade high-flyer CDII late in the day (without a passkey) for a nice gain. I like the way 2010 is starting out.

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