Watchlist for December 18th

PIR – New 52-week high today and nice breakout.


SNIC – Big breakout today.


MEDG – Goodbye, pumped piece o’ crap! I just missed a fill on a short order right at the open this morning at $0.80.


MILL – On short watch following big two-day move on a slightly misleading press release. It is misleading in that it uses for the headline number the NPV of not just the proved reserves but also the probable reserves. Sorry boys, you shouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t really want to short this unless it has another big up day.


EXAS – Nice breakout, lower volume.


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0 thoughts on “Watchlist for December 18th”

  1. I was holding LLFH and DCGN overnight… most of assets were tied up
    in those two stocks..
    I sold both of those Dec 17th morning.

    Went to buy RAD at 1.40ish and before confirming the trade,
    ThinkOrSwim had alerted me.
    Alert involved me holding securities overnight and that my funds had
    not processed or something etc. And that If i bought RAD and tried to
    sell it the same day, then I would have a Margin Call against me?

    Should i wait for the funds to clear from the previous stocks that
    were beind held from the night before, even If i plan on holding the
    RAD position into the close of the day?

  2. Just want to share, I tried reserving YONG today at TOS and I was shocked – the short stock fee was %25! I’m kind of new at reserving hard to borrow stocks, but this blew my mind, the stock would have to drop more than %25 for me to be profitable 🙂 How often does that happen to you? What’s the average short stock fee?

    1. James,

      Please refrain from mentioning on my blog what stocks Tim is trading before it is officially public; if you wish to ask whether other of his followers who read this blog got filled, just refer to it without the ticker. I know there are dozens of chat rooms where his alerts get posted but out of respect for Tim I don’t want my website to add to that.

      That being said, getting filled in IFNY was so damn hard I can’t imagine anyone benefiting from what you said here. I certainly didn’t get filled.

  3. Yep, tried the same thing, and no I’m not chasing. It happens to me every time on these types of plays, I’ve gotten use to it.

    I’m short 500 shares of SENO @ 6.74 now, I can’t believe my trading has went way off since I can’t study like I was.

  4. SENO is going to be another busted trade on my part by not waiting for the double top, an entry around 6.90ish would have been a decent trade. It looks to be forming support in the 6.60 range and my thought of it going to 6.40 is a dream now.

    1. I’m in with you, Preston, gonna hold it over the weekend, resistance on the weekly, also resistance at Fibonaci. Also thinking about EXAS going long, but too much resistance on the weekly chart…

  5. Povilas, not that I don’t think it’s a decent play, but I will bail when the price action starts acting differently, I hope you know that.
    I would hate to think you lost money behind a joke I was making.

    1. Preston, I understand my responsibilities 🙂 You just asked if there was anyone to join you, I liked the chart and I’m in, ready to get out anytime, but probably will hold over the weekend. Good luck

  6. Kool, it would just make me feel horrible if something went wrong. I’m not reaper or the others, my trading experience is very low, making jokes of shitty situations is my stronger expertise.
    I am going to hold as well, but I did mess up my entry, should’ve been in the 6.90’s on this one.

  7. Sorry Preston, I’m out 🙂 -$50, not much, I got in late, the chart still looks good, I might still be to fast on this one, but oh well, still profitable wit my SOL trade. Ill pray for you anyway.

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