Watchlist for Thursday

LLFH – Tim Sykes bought this today. It is a nice breakout, but it is OTC and the volume was only 622,000. I bet it will go up a little tomorrow and then be choppy. I will not buy.


RXII – I think I’ve written before that stocks on short watch can make nice buys. This was a nice buy today. Still on short watch.


MTSN – Nice breakout to 52 week highs.


BZH & HOV – A couple homies that are doing nicely in the last couple days.

FMNTQ – If you like bankrupt pinkies, this is a beautiful breakout and it has done well on past breakouts.


TSYS – Nice breakout; some resistance from early 2009.


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0 thoughts on “Watchlist for Thursday”

    1. Judging from the chart I would bet that there is substantial fear that CWBS is going bankrupt. If anything this could be a nice short on weakness … two strong up days, one volatile day that ends only slightly up. I would expect it to drop 10% tomorrow. I won’t trade it, regardless.

  1. Dang! Forgot about FMNTQ what a sick move Reaper!

    [Nov 18, 2009 8:16:23 AM PST] InvestorsLive ough, FMNTQ I had a side bet with some1 in here at .30 cents that would go to a buck..

    [Nov 18, 2009 8:16:31 AM PST] InvestorsLive dang ha

  2. Your scanning has come a long way – you must have changed a few settings here and there from a few months ago (not that it was bad before) but it’s just of more interest to me these chart set ups are all awesome and my type…. I missed FMNTQ and few others

    1. 90% of what I put up comes off my simple 8% gainers scan. I haven’t changed the scan. If my scans have gotten better, I sure as heck haven’t been trading better!

  3. “FMNTQ – If you like bankrupt pinkies, this is a beautiful breakout and it has done well on past breakouts.”

    But LOW volume!

  4. Michael, on your 8% scan, what volume are you using. I use 100k, which is why I’m always coming up with lower volume plays, just wondering if I’m wasting my time with that.

    1. If you play something with 100k volume with 500 share positions, it is doable. But I wouldn’t want to play with those. The volume is really up to you. I used to play lower-volume plays, but I don’t anymore; they are too frustrating.

    1. And I couldn’t get in! I’ve been trying to short big since 6.32 but my orders didn’t even get acknolwedged until 6.22 and I only got 200 shares filled at 6.22. 🙁

  5. Just bought DCGN @ .23. It published findings on T2D (type II diabetes) and stock jumped yesterday. Another NLST super-nova in the making??

    1. DCGN has a great history of great scientific discoveries but an inability to monetize them. Considering it is in bankruptcy, I would be loathe to buy it.

  6. You have any comment on the freaky results sykes claims on his site?

    If he was 1/10 as good, you would have just given him all your money to trade.

    imo, he’s posting fraudulent net results.

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