Excellent report on CLRH and NXTH pump and dumps

Thank you Streetsweeper! This article highlights the similarities between CLRH and NXTH and the work of Charles Payne in promoting NXTH. If you are unsure of how stock promotion works, this is a very informative article.

Investors blinded by the pretty stock prices for NXT Nutritionals (OTC.BB:NXTH) and Clear-Lite Holdings(OTC.BB:CLRH) might want to take a closer look at other – less attractive – traits shared by these two companies.

After going public through reverse mergers with shell companies earlier this year, both NXTH and CLRH promptly hired the same part-time CFO to keep their books in order. They also retained the same auditing firm in Boca Raton – a region viewed by regulators as a hotbed for securities-related fraud – to bless their financial statements. They even chose the same tainted public relations firm to attract potential investors. (That firm failed to answer questions about the companies for this story.)

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3 thoughts on “Excellent report on CLRH and NXTH pump and dumps”

  1. Hello,

    I’ve been following Tim’s strategy since the begining.

    I don’t know if this strategy works with me since it is non mechanical/automatic.

    What is your advice?


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