Watchlist for December 7th

GGWPQ – Nice move on reports that two different REITS are considering buying the company’s assets or the whole company. No clear play now.


OCLS – Up for two straight days after they provided an update on their research. Considering the news and that it isn’t up that much, I don’t think shorting here would be wise.


AHT – Decent breakout chart, resistance longer-term.


Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for December 7th”

  1. wow, TAYC is having a monster move on crappy volume and no recent news I can see, could this be a play on red.

  2. ha, I know you might give me a hard time for that, so maybe not a monster move but a decent move.

    XNN could get interesting above .90ish, I think this sector has been doing pretty well lately and they have earnings coming up, their volume is still kinda low @ 250k but that might give it room to run.

  3. Michael, question for you. OCLS, TAYC, XNN all came up in my research this evening, but I passed on them for my primary watch list for one reason or another. One thing I learned in Vegas was keeping a second list and these are all on my secondary list. Do you have other stocks that come up in your research and, for one reason or another, you pass on them for your posted watch list? If so, how common is it for you to follow a particular stock for more then one or two days but it may not make it onto your primary watch list?

    1. Normally I keep many more stocks on watch than those I put on the watchlist here. Plus, as I watch the big movers every day, I have most of the recent movers in my head.

      For shorting stocks I don’t like to look for ones that move up big, consolidate, and then break below support. I prefer those that go straight up and down.

  4. Nice tweet reaper… I just shorted a bunch of weird fucking offshore ETF’s or something…. And maybe some currencies

    If this shit doesn’t pan out I’ll git yer ass…

    I’m short 1000 shares of each:


  5. Reaper :

    lol. As always, my tweets are for entertainment purposes only.

    You know you want my monitor stand …

    Theres a reason I built this:

    So I wouldnt need a stand, but I may be able to sell it to a customer. Hit me off list with your asking price, maybe I can take it off your hands.

      1. I think I’m admitting not weakness but over-reaction. I generally don’t lose it like that at minor annoyances. And the two guys I banned were both regular readers. Of course, they quite likely won’t come back … I wouldn’t if I’d been dissed and then IP banned from a favored blog.

  6. tbohen:

    You said IIRC on your web site that you made 50K this past summer trading penny stocks in the Sykes mold, while using what many would consider a small account.

    Question: What was your starting capital? Over 25K to permit daytrading pattern restrictions to not be a factor, or less than that in starting seed capital?

    1. 50K in a year, not just over the summer.

      I started with less then 25K but added more this spring in order to be over 25K in Interactive Brokers and TOS.

      While not necessary it is VERY convenient to not be limited by the PDT in multiple accounts.

  7. They can use anon proxies to beat bans in some cases, unless the service they use for it does not allow postings anonymously, but it is a hassle.

    Can you set a ban on incoming posts that insist on a clear IP, (i.e. stops use of anon proxies) or with such a “dumb” style filter, kind of like e-mail defined ban lists, simply block incoming posts through common free or paid anon proxies by adding each name of the common anon proxy services to an individual black list?

    That would seem to stop most attempts to override a site owner’s ban intent…

    1. Big T — I’m aware of the limitations. I banned the users not because they were bad people but just because I was slightly annoyed at them and I was in a very foul mood.

      As to more complicated banning, I don’t see a need for it at this time.

  8. Nice, learning new words:
    “If someone reacts badly because their pride is hurt, this is a fit of pique.”

    (BTW: I have been learning English for the past 3-4 yrs only.. please excuse any mistake I might have made)

  9. thanx tbohen, for the answer.

    I also agree I have 25K+ IB account, and I just cannot see how it would be easy to trade with PDT restrictions. Possible, yes, easy, no.

    As always, the more money you have the easier it is to make MORE money. New IB pre-borrow perks I think mentioned y Reaper require the caveat of a 100K minimum balance for share reservation. No such requirement at TOS, IIRC…

    1. TOS doesn’t allow pre-borrows, only borrow reserves. Different; as IB allows it, you can borrow shares for as long as you want, not just for the day.

  10. Reaper:

    In the case of censorship howls from blog guestbook/comments detractors:

    Technically, your bans do not constitute censorship, wise or unwise as you or anyone sees them, as if you own the web site, it is like asking some one to step off your front lawn grass.

    Many people confuse censorship with ownership decisions. You can ban anyone you wish for any reason or none at all and it does NOT even constitute real censorship. Anyone who does not understand why and needs it explained already shows they do not understand its proper context.

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