Trade recap for 11/30 and a watchlist

Watchlist in the video.

+    BOT    500    SEED    false    Stock    11.950    USD    SMART    NOV 30 09:30:40        2.50
SLD    500    SEED    false    Stock    12.12    USD    ARCA    NOV 30 09:33:37        2.50
+    BOT    800    NLST    false    Stock    6.080    USD    SMART    NOV 30 09:54:57        4.00
+    SLD    800    NLST    false    Stock    6.200    USD    ISLAND    NOV 30 10:05:46        4.00

Daily profit: $168

Disclosure: Long 400 SEED in a position I intend to close out within a couple hours. No positions in any other stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

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0 thoughts on “Trade recap for 11/30 and a watchlist”

  1. Hey reaper you mentioned in a video recap last week that you are being taught by someone at investors underground on how to play long on the pump side of the p & D. Will you be writing an article on this?

  2. TLR trying another breakout, has tried several times in the past. Maybe good for a short scalp if it fails.
    A good long above 1.50ish.

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