Watchlist for November 30th

Wow, this all looks so familiar! Remember dear readers that stocks on watch for short sells can be good buys if they show strength or fail to break down, and stocks on watch for longs can be good shorts if they fail to breakout or show weakness. Don’t fixate on only trading one way.

BRYN – Pump & dump. Its weakness has been revealed. Search and destroy, but with all due caution.


SEED – A great example of why I don’t short on large gaps down, this was a nice little long for me Friday. I’m short-biased, but not with any conviction.


TAMB – Short on green/red. This move is over-done.


Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for November 30th”

  1. You should take some position in VGPR because is going to explode this week like BRYN in her time… Look the BRYN chart and compare with VGPR… RMIX for mid time..

  2. NLST classic bounce off support @ 6 … twice. I took it for a ride on the second one.

    SEED I hope someone else got it long and played it better than me. I hate trading on my laptop.

  3. idk…. VGPR does look like a good move. i think the odds are great. possibly 50/50 … im gonna put my entire portfolio on it right now… thanks EntrepreneurStock, your da shit

  4. I’m surprised you approved that comment, I do not normally accuse anybody of anything but that looks like a pumpish comment to me. VGPR
    I apologize ahead of time if I’m wrong.

    1. I always try to err in favor of allowing comments. Pretty much the only stuff I won’t allow is stuff saying “You killed three men in Idaho” or “buy penis enlargment pills! herb@l Vi@GRA!”

  5. Did you take “some action” on Somaxon? (nyuk, nyuk, I couldn’t resist.) I did last Wed, but sadly for me, that was 2 days too early. Now I have to wait for my funds to settle.

    So that leads me to a question… What makes you decide to hold a trade until the next session versus exiting before session ends?

  6. #19 interesting. Isn’t this almost the same news that launched NLST almost 2 weeks ago? We’ll see if GSIT can follow suit.

  7. kfish, holding any trade overnight is risky in my book and I was taught that by reaper. I do not even try to guess what might or might not happen overnight.
    Now on the other hand, when I’m in a short position and it faded all day and I’m safely in the money I might save a day trade, but so many variables for me to consider.

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