Trade recap for 11/24

One stupid boredom trade, one decent trade, and a couple very minor trades. In the video I review my recent performance buying pumps … I am now up to a total profit of $555 and an average profit margin of 4.3%. Thank you Investorslive!

Daily profit: $271.50

Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned above. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

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  1. So you just found those PUMPs through IL? Do they have a pump only subscription?

    I did try IL a couple of months back but I didn’t continue to subscribe because I had too many losing trades with them as well (basically just too many trades because they throw lots of tickers:) Maybe it’s changed now and they focus only on high perctange pumps?

    1. Oh they still do everything. I have just concentrated on trying to trade pumps. Just because they alert everything that moves doesn’t mean you need to trade it all.

    2. we’re in a ridiculous OTCBB/Pinksheet market right now so just taking full advantage of everything that’s thrown out there – just when I think things are going to dry up there’s another crazy runner

      the past 2 weeks have been really hot .02 to .10+ moves which came after the VKNG move for example AVMD which I just watched today while Muddy/ched and others banked

      PSC tweets have made me/us/Reaper/others a good amount of $$ just by simply following them, reviewing the chart determine .. risk/reward and either buy or not.. for example DOLV I didn’t buy.. didn’t like risk/reward but VGPR was a no brainer to me at .022 yesterday

      The other stuff that’s been hot is the 30-50%+ nasdaq poppers in recent days – playing out those chart patterns

  2. It’s all about finding a strategy that works… and use that person or those alerts to your advantage, right now breaks off consolidation are working perfectly ie: our trades today but in due time these may not work..

    The best way is to watch the tickers and wait for an entry point there is no sense going in blind you’ll have losing trades guaranteed

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