Stocks on watch for 24 November

Keeping it simple tonight. Just the big ones … but boy are they nice.

WWPW – This is a pump. I am long as it is getting pumped a bunch more overnight, but it would be foolish to buy it at the open tomorrow. How did I know this was going to get a pump-a-thon tonight? I didn’t … but the clues were there. I’ll discuss that some more in my trade recap tomorrow.


SEED – Overdone move on transgenic corn approval in China. Short on red, long on green.


ABIO – Another overdone move IMHO … but I don’t trade based on what I think, I let the price action guide me.


NLST – No shorts today. I was looking to long this on green, but it would have been an easy short on the failure to go green today.Tomorrow it should continue to be volatile … I continue to look to buy on strength and short on weakness.


Disclosure: Long 1400 shares of WWPW that I intend to sell early tomorrow. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Stocks on watch for 24 November”

  1. I love that consolidation on CRIS with a new base at $2.25 I should have been watching on that $2.50 break today that would have been perfect for the 52 week play – will watch for a pull back $2.50 area should be bottom if this thing is going to reverse

    1. Unlike last autumn, banks are no longer moving as much on government actions. I have played smaller banks before. I have stayed away from too big too fail banks.

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