Watchlist for November 23rd

NLST – I’d like to be long any gap up or red/green action early in the morning. Short on red, although the odds of a good short are lessened by recent consolidation.


DRAM – Nice breakout … Preston called it spot on in a comment Friday. I’m long red/green, this could go more considering hype around NLST. Watch the volume … this won’t be worth playing unless it can get volume; the volume spike is what really signaled the strength of the breakout Friday.


TTIL – Up strongly two days on earnings. I’m not interested in shorting it or buying it here.


AENY – I hate buying OTC companies, but this could be nice for continuation if it breaks aboe $3.10 with good volume.


CRXX – Has some gap to fill if it can go green another day. I’ll stay away, though.


DDS – Nice breakout and volume, but small ADR annoys me.


Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for November 23rd”

  1. Michael, would you mind putting up the link for the IL Q&A session tonight, I would like to see what they’re about.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. MFGD – Money4Gold – saw their ad on TV and they publicly announced their Public Trading Symbol like SPNG would. Volume just spiked November 20 but it didn’t really move up a significant amount. Watch it?

    1. I’m not interested. It will never get high enough for me to want to short it. Maybe if you want to try buying it, but like I always say, that ain’t my shtick.

  3. Wow Dillard’s

    the last two years if nothing else have been amazing to see companies you’d never think could be remotely get high enough ADRs be so day-tradeable.

    never in a million did I think boring old midwest banks like FITB and HBAN would ever be so fun to trade like they were last winter.

    Wouldn’t surprise if other retailer start to pick volatility going into xmas season his year. The amrket is really into them this time of year.

    TLB is another one I think could get really volatile. HOTT I believe surged hard this time last year as well.

    Guess you could mark those down as former runners to watch.

    pretty odd to see you focus on longs lately reaper. Makes sense though, in many ways they are so less stressful than shorts.

    btw you ever get spam emails from a group called chartadvisor? I think investopedia sold em my address.

    1. Just haven’t seen as much great short setups recently. Plus, I am trying to learn how to make money going long.

      Haven’t gotten chartadvisor spam before. Never gave Investopedia my email address.

  4. agr

    Reaper :

    DDS up on analyst upgrade and Iā€™m sure in sympathy to BONT.

    yeah deutsche bank gave DDS new price target of 28.
    Just a furthering of the trend that It’s the crappiest of any given industry that continue to seem to have pop in this bull run we’ve had.

    Whether it’s Gray Television, Rite Aid, Ruby Tuesday’s or Las Vegas Sands , the individual sector laggards seem to have the biggest gains all year long.

    At some point I would think that would change.

  5. One thing I cannot do…how you write tags notes in a window of TWS? I have seen it in your trade recaps that you have in the same window Pre-Leaders, Pumps, LOngs and stuff like that written where usually the ticker is, but if I try to write it will look for a ticker so it wont stay there. (i think that is very useful to clear my mind when looking to several stocks).

    DRAM gap up a little to high for me to play it.

  6. Aha. Now I know where all the day trading F@@ls went.

    Preston, awesome call on SEED @ 09:57. Hope you profited. GRO was another good play at my confirm point. Paper trade yielded 23%. Chinese Ag was very active today!

    But regarding SEED, what’s all the hoopla? Don’t the Chinese eat much more rice than corn?? šŸ™‚

    Reaper, will you have a video clip tonight and will it talk today’s SEED play?

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