Trade recap for 11/20: No big bucks, but some nice trades

NLST was a great buy today. I missed the big buy point, but I still made $468 off of three trades with $5k position sizes. BONT from my watchlist failed to do much and my entry sucked so I lost $74.88 there.

BOT    800    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    6.3500    USD    SMART    09:30:14        4.00
+    SLD    800    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    6.500    USD    SMART    09:30:43        4.00
BOT    800    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    6.3700    USD    SMART    09:32:13        4.00
+    SLD    800    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    6.740    USD    SMART    09:35:13        4.00
+    BOT    400    BONT    false    Stock (NMS)    13.100    USD    SMART    10:26:03        2.00
+    SLD    400    BONT    false    Stock (NMS)    12.923    USD    ISLAND    10:48:43        2.02
+    BOT    800    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    6.970    USD    ISLAND    10:51:21        4.00
SLD    800    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    7.0500    USD    SMART    10:51:49        4.00
BOT    200    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    7.8200    USD    ISE    13:26:44        1.00
+    SLD    200    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    7.890    USD    SMART    13:27:59        1.00

BOT    1,000    VKNG    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.8500    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:18:23        4.25
SLD    500    VKNG    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.8800    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:21:59        2.20
SLD    500    VKNG    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.9100    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:25:19        2.28

Daily profit: $429.40

Weekly profit: $4605.20

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post (I continue to hold the Berkshire Hathaway positions shown in the video). I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for 11/20: No big bucks, but some nice trades”

  1. Congrats on a good week and a great month.
    Have a good weekend. I hope you spend some of that on your lovely wife, maybe a nice steak and a good bottle of red wine.

  2. Yes, congrats on a good week. Your trading seems to be calm and focused. Nice steady gains with controlled losses. You are obviously in your confort zone.

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