Watchlist for 11/11: The next GVBP!

SNVP is the new GVBP. ALFSS!


CRXX was a nice continuation play today from last night’s watchlist. Potential short on red.


Nothing else excites me. That is fine considering I’ll be intently watching SNVP.

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for 11/11: The next GVBP!”

  1. I made 590.00, or 18% because of your research on EONC. I held longer and was very comfortable in my play so most of the credit goes to you and this blog.

  2. hahahhaha OMG i just went through the 10q of SNVP how can people trully think that is even a real company, and did u guys read about mr bertagnolli s compensation?????what happen in the stock price touches 1$??I think that is the objective of the pump, as someone would make himself VERY rich if that happen, so even it looks like it has a pretty serious resistance around the .40 area, I would not consider it a safe play till it hits the 1$, anyway if it continous going up like that it can happen anyday soon… but go long on this crappy share is too risky for me and to go short pretty early, what do u guys think?

    Thanks for bringing that share, i dont know how you guys discover these amazing plays!

  3. The 10Q did make for a good laugh Luis. Their working cap deficit is huge. I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but they added a $747k issuance of common stock for services back into operating activities. First, in my time as a financial analyst I’ve never seen that done. Second, that’s a non-cash transaction that I believe should not be on the cash flow statement. I hope this has momentum to pass $1 per share.

  4. Could REV be setting up for a short, the chart is not that bad and they are up big. Looks like it’s right out of Penny Stocking Part Deux. I know it’s up on earnings but how much of it was momo’s and not investors. AMTD has shares.

  5. Am I wrong in my thinking that when the volume is lower that it could run higher, is that flawed thinking.
    My theory is that since the volume is low that it would be easy to push up, instead of the volume being higher and the momo’s are gone already.
    I have a early mover scan that picks up anything over 10% and 100k shares traded, it has produced some of the decent charts that I seldom mention.
    I guess it’s a give and take, some could run and the others just fizzle out.
    Another thing I wanted to mention after trading EONC fairly successful, fairly because I could have gotten in much higher following my rules. I waited for two weeks for a trade that fit the criteria I have set for those type of movers and just when I thought it was all but over one presented itself and I flubbed it up.
    I know there is a lesson to be taught here, maybe never give up on a decently proven method of trading….. I don’t know until I see and make another good play but I was very frustrated before that trade. Not like quiting frustrated but maybe you know what I mean.
    It’s very nice when you can make a trade and know the outcome before entering, I know that sounds cocky but I was very comfortable during most of those winning trades, maybe to comfortable.
    Now I know how you feel about that, I did only have a few trades, but they were my trades and nobody elses. Maybe you remember some of your first trades that you called well, there is a sense of satisfaction in that.
    My ramble for the week.

    1. Yes, that is your ramble for the week. You get only one 😉

      The low volume ones, once they breakout, if they go a lot higher, they do usually get a lot of volume coming in when they break the hod. It is generally accepted among traders that things breaking out on low-volume (relative to average volume) are less likely to continue up than those breaking out on high volume.

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