Remember, remember, this watchlist for the 5th of November

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

SNIC – Nice breakout at $6.60, I bought it, but then it came back down and I sold for pennies. Might still be worth a shot tomorrow on green, but it has earnings after the close. PFAP same kind of chart but it is OTC BB. Along the same lines, COT finally had its breakout, late today.


GCHT – Pump! I tried buying it at $3.05 to $3.10 but could not fill. Do not buy unless you wear asbestos underwear. ALFSS.


MPAA — Hmm, a nice breakout at $5.50 and a former zero-volume stock, up on earnings. I’m long on green. Fuck the MPAA & the RIAA, but I’m long on green.


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TRK – Up on earnings, lower volume. Long on green.




HYC – Nice earnings breakout, long on green, but I am not a fan of trading NYSE stocks.


QXM – Up from $3.10 to $4.88 in three days; move started a couple days after earnings, so short on red.


AKRX – Pimps up, hoes down with Acorn! A breakout, but no easy play on this choppy stock.


Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Remember, remember, this watchlist for the 5th of November”

    1. They don’t move as quickly. QTM is a good example … it bored the heck out of me a few days ago so I didn’t bother to play its breakout.

  1. AKRX looks like a pretty bullish move setting up

    stkonlinetrader good one so far .88-.89 avg on only 5k but its just one to babysit while it makes you money..

    ICLK one heck of a trend another one that uplist today is PFAP – I had been playing that one long past 2 days didn’t hold over but usually they have a nice lil pop first day out on AMEX/Nasdaq so I have my eye on it

  2. FVSTA got promoted today by which lately seems to be the last promoter, taking shares that other newletter already posted to give them a last push up. So potential short if the pattern continues.

    (by the way take a look to their finacial if u wana see something funny, another zero cash, we will need more money to continue, never make a dollar company)

  3. IMGN might be a good short when it breaks HOD, Cramer pumped them last night as a spec play. I have never tried one of these so I may just watch.

  4. Hi Reaper,
    Love your site. Just wondering is there a way to buy an OTCBB stock in IB in premarket? I’ve tried Smart and Arcaedge but can’t get either to work. I think you said you bought TNUS premarket the other day. Thanks for any info.

  5. Damn, GGC taking off this morning, unless I’m reading their chart wrong if they break 18 there is no meaningful resistance until the upper 20’s.

  6. RX is a possible takeover play.
    Agree with the crappy charts, look more like bounce plays than pre-market leaders.

  7. RX – “IMS is said to be seeking bid in the low $20-per-share range, which would value the company at nearly $4 billion. IMS shares had traded around $14.85 a share at the time of an earlier Wall Street Journal report on the potential sale. IMS shares closed Wednesday at $17.”

    from WSJ. dead to me now.

  8. Anyone have any thoughts on GAP? Seems like it’s too high up at 11.46. I read a WSJ article where an analyst said he thinks it’s a short squeeze.

  9. Hawk, I try not to let any news influence my trades. But I will agree it looks over extended, but, it is a nice breakout chart so I would be careful either way. I looked at this one two days ago when it first shot up, just like REV it has one red day then starts back up again.

  10. GAP does look like oversold at this point:
    12% up yesterday, another 8% up today.

    Insider sales in October, lousy income numbers (?)

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