Watchlist for November 4th

Have you heard of my new DVD? You have only three days to purchase my DVD on reading SEC filings if you wish to receive free access to the follow-up webinar. It is only $397 (you save $100 off its normal price by pre-ordering it).

Lots of mining and other commodity-tied stocks near beautiful breakouts, but I’ll stay away from them.

COT – A nice breakout, although the stock has a small ADR and it is a crowded trade.


BHWX – Promoted crap, not up enough to interest me in shorting it.


MOSY – Nice breakout above $2.75 today, no clear play tomorrow, lower volume.


QXM – Nice breakout, but a bit overextended in my opinion. Long on green/short on red, higher risk either way.


RTK – Anyone remember how I messed this up? It is nice to see it has finally come most of the way back down. No play now.


ECPG – Interesting chart, would be a nice breakout on $17.


YRCW & GTXI – Potential bounces, no longer good risk/reward shorting on red (today they were good!). Long on green.



Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for November 4th”

  1. Time to go old school:

    I’ll be working on editing my DVD during trading hours for the next couple weeks so anticipate me making few trades.

  2. have u checked HEB.ob? I covered my shorts today but still potential short for tomorrow, another overbought stock that I dont see the point of the bullish.

  3. No, pre-market leader. Find the pre-market leaders in this blog under pre-market leaders to know how to play them.
    Basically buying early and riding momo’s up.

  4. Preston: GAP still on your radar? since you and another poster were talking about it yesterday, I like it as a potential dbl top/bitter shareholders sorta short.

  5. GAP should make a good short after the first down red day I think, until then just watching. Beautiful 4 day gainer though.

  6. Was there an Timalert about [an] exit [from his current position]? Or was it yesterday? Not going to subscribe to alerts until post-black Friday probably – maybe I’ll get a discount ๐Ÿ˜€

    Weak open despite a green market. Got out within 2 mins.

    1. Sorry Trivto – you got censored (my censoring is in brackets). I generally try to avoid talking about Tim’s alerts until after he posts about them on his free site. No point in me antagonizing the man; also, giving people that kind of proprietary information is a bit unethical.

      While you mentioning it here may not matter, it is a slippery slope to copying his alerts into a chatroom so tons of people can benefit from the leaked information.

    1. my bad, man. It seemed like you guys were talking it about liberally on your trade recap post. I’ll refrain.

  7. Yeah, trivito, there is that. Like I said, I generally try to avoid that. Of course, I definitely will talk about my trades, but I will usually avoid explaining the catalyst if Tim is still in a trade. Yesterday everybody commented and there wasn’t much I could do other than delete all the comments. And considering that it was a liquid stock I wasn’t going to worry about it. Plus, there are plenty of people who do post soon after a TimAlert in various places (like the IU chat room and certain message boards).

  8. Hi Reaper,
    I’ve been reading your site for a few weeks now and I wanted to thank you very much for all the great info.
    I have a question as well: On your list today, you mentioned QXM as a long on green. I thus went in at 4.64 soon after the open.
    Ten minutes later, though, it had dropped to below the day’s open so I got out. Obviously now it’s significantly higher.
    What would you advise in such a situation? Was 1 cent below the open a bad stop point?
    Thanks very much,

    1. 1 cent is an awfully tight stop. Also, considering QXM gapped up a bit that makes matters harder. Ideally when I say “long on green” I want the stock to open red or even and then cross over to go green on the day. If it gaps it is harder to decide what to do and I will usually just avoid those.

    1. Wow you have low standards for “short of the year” ๐Ÿ™‚

      My short of the year is ALAN … EMGE and GVBP and GAEC were all pretty charts too.

  9. Reaper,

    When you received “force buy-ins” for long-term shorts, what was the explanation behind that? It is different from a margin-call I presume?

    I am tempted to short AWSL for a small position while it is available, holding it for multiple days.

    1. A forced buy-in means they no longer have the shares to lend for your short position so you have to cover. It can happen any time and is not predictable. There is no risk or almost no risk if you only short for a few days.

  10. Type your comment here

    Reaper :

    1 cent is an awfully tight stop. Also, considering QXM gapped up a bit that makes matters harder. Ideally when I say โ€œlong on greenโ€ I want the stock to open red or even and then cross over to go green on the day. If it gaps it is harder to decide what to do and I will usually just avoid those.

    That makes sense – thanks!

  11. Well since sogo won’t let me trade pinks, and I missed NTXH. So yeah, I’ll call it my short of the year thus far. haha. As my roomate John from college once told me, “the key to happiness is lowering your standards.” Of course he was talking about women. I still find it applicable.

  12. stk, REV is looking good for short now, if it breaks 10.50 it has no more support till the low 9’s. Maybe a little early yet but on watch for sure.

  13. Swing trade… buy today though… Support at $3 on VVTV. get out at $3.75.
    Based on basic technical analysis the DOW should continue upwards. Still hasnt broke any strong indicators like the Short and Long upward trend. Short meaning the last 2 months or so, long trend meaning since March lows. Also a support line at 9,700.
    Check it out click my name and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

  14. I’m only mad now because I chased, I no better than that. I should have left my limit order alone and if it left me so what. Getting caught up in the moment again, I really do no better than that.

  15. Ok I’m out for a whopping 1% loss. Look on the bright side, trading like that will help me learn to cut losses quickly.

  16. REV looks good for a morning panick after closing red on the day. AMTD has shares right now, I’ve been checking all day.

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