Watchlist for Monday

Please note that I will be in a seminar with Tim Sykes all day Monday so I will likely not comment as much as usual here. My two stocks on watch are both small oil E&P companies, so keep in mind the price of oil if you trade them.

USEG – Up 65% Friday on big volume. It closed near its high of the day so I think it has farther to run. They are a small E&P company that just had some good news Friday.


ROYL – Had good news on Thursday, ran big, then just ran up a little Friday, hanging around $3.60 most of the day. This could be a decent short on proper fading price action to red.


NXTH – Beautiful pump and dump. If any chart ever looks manipulated, this one does. Likely no shares to short when it fails, but would be nice to short on red.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for Monday”

  1. Vegas has been fun so far, met up with about 10 people last night at Dick’s. Too bad I missed a few people and too bad you couldn’t come, Preston.

    PS- ALFFS = Always Look For Shares to Short.

  2. I’m very glad you’ve had a good time, I too wish I could have come. Next time I will be there buddy.
    Who won the arm wrestling match?
    I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. RNN pre-market leader with news, chart is messy though and it’s hard to spot a buy point.
    AEZS is same way.
    CRIC pre-market leader IPO, hard to find a buy point.

  4. Michael, I hate to ask you to do this, but I can’t see my webinar, all I get is a fuzzy screen. I am entering the password and the site is coming up but it’s not showing, or no sound or chat either.
    During a break would you mind mentioning it to someone, I will not worry much but I wanted to see some of what he does live.
    Thanks very much, if you can’t or don’t want to I understand.

  5. Awesome Michael, it’s not on yet but I will keep trying.
    I bet being there is awesome, I will regret this for a long time to come. 🙁
    EXXI breaking out, but the news on earning doesn’t seen that great, potential short.

  6. I sent Joel an e-mail, maybe he will get it. I don’t know how often he is checking that.
    Thanks for everything, maybe we will get it worked out before the EOD.

  7. +177.00 on EXXI, not a bad trade. After the initial spike the volume started to fade as the stock continued upward on a intraday chart, looked like a good time to short.

    1. mental stop at 28.50 … very loose, but that is intra-day support. Hopefully it can do another couple dollars/share tomorrow. $26 was a huge breakout and was a better play than what I’m doing.

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