0 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 15th”

  1. i’ve been clicking on your ads here and there… Figure its faster and cheaper than buying you a coffee… Wonder if account catches my clicks.

  2. ROYL showing more strength this morning, the break of 3.50 looks the best to me.
    KNDI is still trending higher on low volume, it has cleared resistance but will wait for a higher volume day to play.

    LEE, short on green/red.
    PIR, short on green/red.

  3. Good call t.
    I will point out that LEE has been spiking in the mornings, if it happens today I will short with my entire account. I hope that doesn’t collapse the market.

  4. Yes on JOEZ.
    +150.00 on 1000 shares of ROYL, bought on the 3.50 break. Not a bad trade, it might run much higher though.

  5. I hate those slow movers as well, I’m in JADE and it’s like watching paint dry.
    Tim have fun in Vegas, be careful. I hope next time I will be able to get together with you guys, it sure has been a pleasure getting to know you all.

  6. Wow … I just got a call from some hedge fund of funds wanting to invest with me after he saw me on LinkedIn. I wonder what part of “a hedge fund with no outside investors” did he not understand?

    1. And I get people asking me everyday for a job despite having signs up saying “not hiring”.

      Most people would say you never know for sure unless you ask.

      I’d take it as a complement and just roll on. 🙂

  7. If I just had a higher pain threshold…

    MNKD: shorted @ 6.22ish – covered @ 6.60ish — of course that was all the market needed to begin dropping it….now in the mid 5’s….

    Tried to hedge it on my other account but was caught in the dang PDT rule and they would not let me open a posiiton. Wish you only needed 25K per broker…not per account. If I had been able to hedge long would have felt comfortable holding this one for a week or so, but at this level of upside just could not take the chance.

    Dumb rule.

    1. if you had hedged you would have removed both your downside and your upside. Only point of doing that is with a pump & dump when the dump isn’t on but you want to hold on to shares you found short.

  8. OPTT is squeezing me. Shorted at 8.18. Still holding to see how next week goes. Will probably cover if there is still strength. Its so hard to find out when these things are actually dumped or soldoff. You never really know where the peak of these stocks are or eventually go.

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