9 thoughts on “Watchlist for October 15th: Long & strong”

  1. Preston – PLX – Wow! Great find.
    I’m putting some of that one in my IRA. Gaucher disease – that’s a nasty one. But that chart looks great.

    How do you see pre-market leaders – IB?

  2. Don, I look for pre-leaders in my ToS platform.

    I have used a similar strategy shorting these types of plays, the pattern has somewhat mutated though and I can’t get a handle on it yet. Plus it’s earnings season so you have to be careful of what is fake and real, momos make a big difference too and you have to know when it’s investors or momos pushing it up.

  3. Tim, I don’t think it’s as easy as IB has it but it does work.
    I use the stock hacker, set my last from .25 to 15.00, use 30,000 min on the shares. Everything else is blank, I look for the differences between the previous days close and the bid ask of the current day, it’s a little work but it’s the only way I can do it. if it gets to huge I might up the volume some. I also set the show list to 250 per page. You can customize the headers to put the bid ask right next to yesterdays close so it’s easier.
    When I see one running I then put it in that days watchlist for a long or a short if it acts right, at the end of the day I move it to short on red for the next day. Being new I don’t play much but I am learning to set up better for when I am better at trading, if ever.

  4. Hey Guys,

    First comment here. I’ve been trading since about April. About two months ago, I noticed a trend from having examining Yahoo!’s % Gainers page everyday. A few times a week, there’s a stock in the $2-$10 range that shoots way up, only to cool down by day’s end. That led me to shorting. However, my broker, TradeKing, often doesn’t have shares to borrow for these.

    I decided to search the internets for help and low and behold, I ran into the Timothy Sykes site and this one. I knew there had to be other people exploiting this phenomenon, and alas, here we are. I only have 60 something trades under my belt at this point, and once I hit 100, it’s on to Interactive Brokers. For shorting, TradeKing has had about jack and an apology.

    Reaper, awesome site. Thank you for the tips and tutorials.

    I also want to thank you guys for RUBO today. While it was a small gain, I got in at 7.65 and out at 7.81. I’m happy with small, modest, consistent gains. That’s especially why I appreciate this site and the like-minded folks here. If TradeKing had shares to borrow, I would have been in on LTON to short.

    I don’t feel as though I’m in a position to make any recommendations on anything. But I will say this. The volatility and modicum of volume with AMIN has made me happy twice the last couple of months. Many seem to feel that it’s underpriced so I feel safe as a long while enjoying periodic fluctuations, which I’ve gotten in and out of.

    The Hawk

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