0 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 7th”

  1. Execelent discipline Reaper.

    A leason I learned today that may help someone else — if you start with a certain position size and are doing well…consider staying with that size or smaller.

    I had 5 good trades with a 2000 position – same stock, in and out, nice and smooth – profit adding up. Safe. sane.

    This is easy! Greed sets in — next buy is 5000

    Damn…it is going down…but now due to the size of the buy a small down move ate up ALL the profit from 4 of my good trades instead of just being to dump and lose the profit from one or two. I held and got lucky later when it turned out OK — but it ate up all my energy watching this and yelling at the monitor for two hours (yes, I believe the yelling helps it…like at a hockey game)

    Anyway, a leason that I have been told before, but until you live it, it does not sink in.

    It has now sunk in.

    wound up in the green for the day…but ONLY due to luck, not by applying proper trading skills…tomorrow is another day.

    Good trading to everybody…

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