Watchlist for October 7th

Nothing much. Gold is hitting new highs, so a lot of stocks breaking out are gold stocks. Their prices are driven by gold, not their charts, so I won’t buy any of them.

HMY – one of the goldies.


FTWR – Nice breakout. I’d long it on green.


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21 thoughts on “Watchlist for October 7th”

  1. RPRX has some news this morning, is at resistance and then has a gap to fill up to the 2.20 area. 3 month chart looks better than a 1 year chart, but is still messy. Pre-market leader but hard to play.

  2. I don’t know how to check the float or see how many shares are short for a company, but AMTD has no shares to short so maybe there might be a short squeeze on RPRX this morning that could cause the stock to shoot up.

  3. RPRX a little resistance at 2.50 but from there none until over $4. I like this as a buy right out of the gate if it shows strength in the first 30 seconds. Even at $2.70 it is still just a $40m company.

    1. No prob, Bob. Well, RPRX took me for a spin today, -$320. Annoying thing is I traded it perfectly to plan, buying on the hod break of 2.40 and having an appropriate stop around 2.30. Sometimes stocks just don’t do what you want them to do.

  4. RPRX a perfect example of why you need to wait until a pre-leader shows momentum at least in the first 30 seconds to 1 minute of trading … that thing dropped like a rock right out of the open.

  5. Other than is there another level 2 service that is free. Trying to watch some OTC stocks and I can get the chart but not the quotes. Trying to see the action on DPHIQ (bought 20,000 shares at 0.0185, figure if it does anything I got a bunch and if not, no big loss).

  6. 13:06 RPRX Repros Therapeutics: The sample size of study was very small- Wedbush (2.09 +1.01) -Update-

    Wedbush says although Androxal demonstrated efficacy in elevating sperm counts into normal range after 3 and 6 months of treatment, Androxal was only effective in 7 out of 16 men treated with drug in increasing testosterone levels. They emphasize that the sample size of this study is very small. Firm says they developmental and regulatory pathway for Androxal remains unclear. The firm notes the company previously attempted to pursue a hypogonadism label for the drug but during a Type C meeting with the FDA in October 2007, it was determined that endpoints associated with male libido and sexual dysfunction were not appropriate clinical endpoints. As such, the company intended to focus Androxal’s development in hypogonadal men with metabolic issues. Now, the company hopes to submit a request for a meeting with the FDA to determine whether today’s findings are clinically relevant and to design a development program to confirm the findings. Firm reits Underperform

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