Watchlist for September 29th

VeriChip Corporation (NASDAQ:CHIP) – This stock remains on watch. Tim Sykes thinks this company sucks and that is good enough for me. $3.00 is important support and it will be a good short if it breaks that.


GSAE – Hot pink sheet stock with a huge move on ever-increasing volume. I like this as a long on strength or short on weakness. My bet is tomorrow it will have another 30%+ gain.


SQNM – This stock died in after-hours trading on horrible news. Those that are competent at playing bounces may try for a bounce play tomorrow. I am horrible at playing bounces so I will not play it.


LUNA – Still on short watch. It faded all day yesterday after a big morning spike. Green/red = short.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 29th”

  1. CNLG is at some key resistance and had low volume today that if broken with stronger volume could run higher.
    GKK looks similar with some consolidation.
    NPHC has a nice chart, though I don’t know what to make of it. Could run higher I guess, but slow.
    RMTR is at some resistance as well, volume is still low though.
    I still like LUNA as a short too, though I couldn’t find shares today.
    CYTK looks good as a short, but it has some news that could make playing it more difficult.

  2. No shares of LUNA at AMTD, just tried down to 400 shares and they do not have that. They may have less but I’m not interested in less than 400 because it’s one of my day trades. Same with CHIP.

  3. Once CHIP breaks 3 I will try to reserve some shares. I managed to get some LUNA by constantly putting in orders every 5-10 min, got it at 2.70..

  4. SQNM had a nice jump at open and pocketed a nice profit… I’m just wondering if this is a good longer-term long though?

  5. hi Reaper,

    I am a lurker who started following you and Sykes since September, evaluating this strategy as a whole. Definitely seems legit – reminds me of the easy money in online poker pre-2006. Rode a modest 500 shares of GSAE to 1.70! If they filled a little faster, I’d have made out more. Much appreciated.

  6. Yeah looks like a cool thing, now I don’t have to post my trades here. I will have a IB account soon, only thing stopping me now is being able to control my trading. Having 3 daytrades and 1 account is good for me until I know I can handle trading more often. I have a bad risk taking mentality that I have to watch.

  7. I aksed on TOS also and there weren’t any either. Can’t find any news on LEE except that it was back in complience with NYSE at the 9th. Wonder whats driving it up

    ASTC had huge gain today.

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