Trade recap: The $1920 mug of hot chocolate

Today I shorted EMGE from $2.69 to $2.20 on 1000 shares and had another, tiny, trade. The big trade was me following a TimAlert trade alert from Timothy Sykes. I like to scalp those, and I was quite happy to buy 17,300 shares of today’s alert, RODM, at $5.724  and sell them 62 seconds later for $5.835 (net of commissions), making $1920. I have trained myself to respond quickly to alerts. So even though I was making hot chocolate when I got the alert, I was able to trade quickly after I flew from my kitchen to my computer like a bat out of hell. While I normally like to hold onto some shares of TimAlerts, I could not refuse the nice profit I had already accrued.

Daily profit: $2496.00

After I recorded the video I made the following trade that is reflected in my daily P&L:
+    SLD    1,800    RODM    false    Stock (NMS)    6.250    USD    ARCA    15:56:47        9.00
+    BOT    1,800    RODM    false    Stock (NMS)    6.210    USD    ISLAND    15:57:25        9.00

In after-hours trading I shorted SQNM for a lousy $20 profit:
+    SLD    500    SQNM    false    Stock (NMS)    3.000    USD    ARCA    16:35:56        2.50
+    BOT    500    SQNM    false    Stock (NMS)    2.950    USD    ARCA    16:37:46        2.50

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

18 thoughts on “Trade recap: The $1920 mug of hot chocolate”

  1. dude, i have no idea how you get the alerts faster than me. I was at my desk with my phone right next to me and you still got a better price than me.

    little bit frustrating

    1. I’ll tell you sometime … I gave you my secret order type, I can’t tell you everything. 😉

      But my method for getting alerts faster does NOT involve Tim giving me any special treatment.

  2. thought so, very cool, always wanted to try one of those.

    do you default to the secret order type as well, or only add it on a case by case?

  3. +$20 on SQNM

    + SLD 500 SQNM false Stock (NMS) 3.000 USD ARCA 16:35:56 2.50
    + BOT 500 SQNM false Stock (NMS) 2.950 USD ARCA 16:37:46 2.50

    I added that to the daily p&l above

  4. It’s not really how you think the news is, it’s how everybody else in the trading world thinks it is. That’s the problem, trying to figure that out.

  5. I covered my last shares today at $0.87 from $1.27
    Made around $1200.00, not bad my small account 🙂

    Reaper :

    I almost never short based on news. So I don’t know.

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