Trade recap for September 22nd: Good shorts of GTN and CABL

I totally nailed shorts of two of the three stocks on my watchlist from last night. My trading plan was perfect for both. From my watchlist last night:

Gray Television, Inc. (NYSE:GTN) – After the last real news, earnings around August 7th, this stock was under $0.50. Now just under $3, this is an easy short on green/red. Was nice fader on green/red after first spike at the end of August, from $0.95 to $0.75 in three straight red candle days.

China Cablecom Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ:CABL) – Up 100% in two days, just received a Nasdaq deficiency letter. Short on green/red.

GTN and CABL were also kind enough to fall at different times so that I could concentrate on one trade at a time.

My video trade recap:

Daily profit: $901.65

Trades at IB today:
SLD    2,000    CABL    false    Stock (SCM)    1.2000    USD    ISLAND    09:35:32        10.00
+    BOT    1,000    CABL    false    Stock (SCM)    1.070    USD    SMART    09:52:28        5.00
+    BOT    1,000    CABL    false    Stock (SCM)    1.065    USD    ISLAND    09:52:30        5.00
+    SLD    4,000    GTN    false    Stock    2.950    USD    NSX    10:52:45        20.00
+    BOT    2,000    GTN    false    Stock    2.720    USD    NYSE    11:00:08        10.00
+    BOT    2,000    GTN    false    Stock    2.680    USD    SMART    11:00:36        10.00
+    BOT    2,927    RT    false    Stock    8.947    USD    ARCA    15:07:34        14.64
+    BOT    10,000    RT    false    Stock    8.965    USD    SMART    15:07:40        50.00
+    BOT    10,000    RTK    false    Stock    1.970    USD    SMART    15:08:21        50.00
+    SLD    12,927    RT    false    Stock    8.947    USD    SMART    15:08:25        64.63
+    SLD    5,000    RTK    false    Stock    1.980    USD    BATS    15:12:38        25.00
+    SLD    5,000    RTK    false    Stock    1.980    USD    SMART    15:29:35        25.00

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for September 22nd: Good shorts of GTN and CABL”

  1. Nice! I hit the CABL and GTN shorts about the same time you did, although I was more conservative on my profit taking than you were (took half off of both at around a 5% profit).

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