Watchlist for September 22: GTN, CABL, CHIP

Gray Television, Inc. (NYSE:GTN) – After the last real news, earnings around August 7th, this stock was under $0.50. Now just under $3, this is an easy short on green/red. Was nice fader on green/red after first spike at the end of August, from $0.95 to $0.75 in three straight red candle days.


China Cablecom Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ:CABL) – Up 100% in two days, just received a Nasdaq deficiency letter. Short on green/red.


VeriChip Corporation (NASDAQ:CHIP) – Big move today on patent news, but it went sideways in the afternoon and broke below support right before the close, just like SPDE last week. I expect it to be a nice short on green/red action tomorrow morning. (See the intra-day chart here.)


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0 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 22: GTN, CABL, CHIP”

  1. Well I messed that up, now they do not have shares of either one. I kept canceling the orders and checking other stocks and now they’re gone.

  2. doesn’t matter preston, amtd does not work like TOS. when you change the price of a short sell it cancels the order and enters a new one and you lose the shares anyway.

    1. No problemo. My idea of a great day is when not only are there multiple stocks I want to trade, but they don’t all move at the same time so I can trade them one at a time. First CABL, then GTN. No overlaps! 🙂

  3. True dat.. It worked for me yesterday on GTN, but I really don’t want to start making a habit of it.

    I gotta hit the road for a while, so I’m kind of glad I cant stare at it.

    1. Even at a recent price of $4.35 it has a $100m mkt cap. I wouldn’t be eager to short. Also consider that its move today was made essentially in the first 10 minutes, meaning it was less likely to be driven by momo players and more likely driven by investors.

  4. I know these are not popular but what would you think about SVA for an overnight short, it has had a nice multiple day fade and the volume is still good but not as good as past days were. I know holding anything overnight has the chance of news that can make it spike but it’s seems the risk reward is not that terrible.

    1. Liquidity, spread. Both of them I could’ve done more, GTN more so than CABL. I follow my watch list, anything up big in the pre-market, and anything mentioned in InvestorsUnderground chat.

  5. ahhhh, CHIP why must you torture me with your constant fading….

    I missed CRXX, had an alert on it into the close yesterday. But didnt act.

    ALERT ON CRXX WHEN LAST AT OR BELOW 2.09 is triggered BID=2.09 LAST=2.09 ASK=2.11 2:55 PM

  6. Gotta love GBE! I’ve been talking about it for three trading days (consolidating nicely, if it holds $1, etc) When it finally moves I’m working my day job at Target. Such is life 🙂

  7. CYTK has a nice looking chart, after having it’s target raised from 4 dollars to 18 dollars, damn that seems like a typo. That’s queit a raise of target.

  8. GTN seems to have lost steam after going green this afternoon. Is this something you would consider shorting again if it starts to slide in the last hour?

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