Trade recap for September 18th

Daily profit: ($915.85)

Weekly profit: $271.03

+    SLD    201    SPDE    false    Stock    7.100    USD    DRCTEDGE    08:04:01        1.00
+    SLD    2,599    SPDE    false    Stock    6.703    USD    DRCTEDGE    09:30:18        13.48
BOT    10,000    LFBG    false    Stock    0.0350    USD    SMART    09:35:03        1.75
+    SLD    10,000    LFBG    false    Stock    .034    USD    SMART    09:50:55        1.70
BOT    400    UFI    false    Stock    3.38    USD    SMART    09:57:02        2.00
+    SLD    400    UFI    false    Stock    3.400    USD    SMART    10:07:05        2.00
+    BOT    300    ARNA    false    Stock    4.920    USD    SMART    11:09:29        1.50
+    SLD    300    ARNA    false    Stock    4.930    USD    SMART    11:15:13        1.50

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for September 18th”

  1. i set an alert on VVTV…. look out for it Monday… just broke resistance… Also look at RAD. i know you guys hate real companies but they are raelly cheap for their industries.

  2. Reaper,

    Curious why you are not joining Tim and others on the short of GVBP? I have been out for 2 days so not in it myself but wondering your thoughts?

    Have a good weekend!

    1. BTB, you may or may not recall, but I got my start trading by doing long-term shorts of fundamentally horrid or downright scammy OTC BB stocks. I stopped that after it got hard to hold onto borrows and I got a forced buy-in on a losing position. I have lived in continual fear of forced buy-ins since then and have not held a short for more than 2 days at most for that reason. I may still get in on GVBP but there is still a risk of a forced buy-in.

  3. right after i posted, the thought of a forced buy-in occurred to me.

    personally, i hate shorting longer term when there are not readily available shares to short. really hate not being able to add to the position if it goes against me.

  4. I’m trying to pick a new broker… Zecco sucks for shorting because shares are unavailable or the stock is too cheap.
    I wanted TOS but is it true they will not let you short stocks under $3 ?
    I looked into IB but you need $10,000 in order to open an account.
    SogoTrade seems unreliable when it comes to shorting stocks. Also is their a price restriction on shorting stocks, and do they let you short OTC stocks?
    Whats up with Speed Trader, Tim kept mentioning that brokerage firm last year in Livestock, anyone have a verdict?

    1. Sogo won’t let you even trade OTC stocks. I am not aware of a price restriction there on shorting listed stocks. Speedtrader is what Investorslive uses but I have heard some bad things about them too.

  5. Thanks.

    What does a trade bust mean? Googling didn’t help a lot.

    “I also went long 20,000 shares of GVBP at $0.26 this morning in pre-market trading but that trade was busted as a trade-through”.

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