Watchlist for September 18th: Four witches

Tomorrow is quadruple witching day: stock index futures, stock index options, single stock futures, and stock options all expire. Expect volatility. Either my scans are not comprehensive enough or (more likely) I lack imagination. Only two stocks interest me much tomorrow.

HCEI – A former zero-volume stock, this ran big today. It likely has more run left in it tomorrow, though as always, with the crappiest penny stocks a trader needs to sell at the first sign of weakness.

SPDE – Big move on news, volume was 5x higher than any previous day in last six months. Tim Sykes is long, I’m long, The Lionmaster is short. It did hold $7 nice throughout the day but did fade a little towards the end and didn’t make new highs towards the end of the day like I like on stocks I hold long overnight. I think this could spike or drop in the morning, but it is quite possible it will do what many one-day spikers have done recently and just be choppy and not move big.

Disclosure: Long 2800 shares of SPDE @ $7.055 that I bought in after-hours trading. I have a disclosure policy.

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  1. Again I let my emotions get in the way of my trading, I sould’ve waited before I bought instead of jumping right in. The really good thing is I’m starting to develop emotions that are telling me what to do, before I never had the ability to decide for myself. Once I learn to control/trust them I can start to use them to my advantage and trade when I wan’t instead of hap-hazzardly like I’m doing now.

    I saw the comment you put in Tims blog about me coming to Vegas and I’m really considering it, I’ve looked up tickets and started to make plans to go, but, it will probably be 1 week prior before I can commit.
    Please know that it’s my job and nothing else that’s stopping me, this time of the year is just a bad time for me.

    1. I love your web site. I’ve learned a lot from your trades, but be careful with these bio tech stocks, I was burned big time on SPPI last week after their FDA approval.


  2. Preston, I must say, my emotions have started teaching me not to trade as much… I’ve taken too many losses lately and I refuse to make a trade purely based on guessing.

    I’m extremely interested in Vegas, but it seems too early for me as my questions are endless at the moment. I still have to finish reading all the blogs, and watching Tim’s livestocks, and learning from his Tim Alerts.

    My capital just cannot support a flight to Vegas, room and board, and training, and still have a decent amount to trade with.

    1. I understand John, the right emotions are good for us, the wrong ones will kill us. It all goes back to being a master of something, the true emotions that will lead you in the right direction are the ones that happen without thought after a lot of experience. When those emotions really kick in you wan’t even know it until it’s over.
      I’ve already paid for the webinar, I just need to commit to the trip, and time will tell on that.
      Remember, saturation is the key in learning anything, there is never enough of something when your trying to learn. Worst thing is waiting until your bored somewhat with it, then things really start to test you, don’t wait until that happens, saturate yourself with all you can while it’s still a burning desire to understand it.
      At least that has always worked for me in the past.

  3. DAC is a stock that looks good for a short after the first down day, I can’t find any news to justify their move. It also has some heavy resistance ahead as well.
    CRXX is another one.
    GETA looks interesting, lots of volume and getting close to the 1.00 mark. No news though.
    I still like KERX as a short, not a whole lot of downside but it looks like a good risk reward for what’s left.

  4. Re: your scans. I notice that the OTCBB website’s listing of biggest % gainers is limited to stocks priced at $2 or above. I can see why they do that given the small fractional prices on so many issues, but was wondering what kind of filtering methodology or other source you might be using to find the biggest % gainers priced below $2 on the bulletin board stocks. Thanks.

  5. yeah, I am so pissed at myself over that trade, lost my complete earnings for the week. -850 on SPDE.
    That was the stupidist trade I think I have made yet, it really sets me back from my confidence level I had earlier in the week. I will never blind trade or jump into another one like that again, I don’t care if the Pope tells me to buy with insider information, I will look at the chart first and get my own take on the stock.

  6. Hoping RPRX consildates here at 1.40 ish where resistance is from 2 months ago… looking for a spike this afternoon if it does consildate… may even break sooner then later though…

  7. Preston – I too lost -139 on SPDE – I have a rule in place – Never blind trade on a TIM alert – I looked at the chart and waited – bought right at the bell and now it looks like I might have nailed the morning bottom @6.13.

    It still feels like I blind traded on an alert – I almost always loss when I do this.

  8. Reaper – Re: Pump & Dumps. Have you kept track of the size of your average winning trade vs. average losing trade in the pump and dump category?

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