Trade recap for today and yesterday

IPII on watch for something. I’ve spent all day reinstalling programs on my computer, so sorry I don’t have more!

Video Trade Recap

Profit yesterday and today: $284.17

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

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  1. Thanks bud, kinda giddy after watching that.
    IPII first on my list for sure.
    ICGN, same as above, though it may peter out.
    AVOE, there is no volume with this but it has climbed steady and if it catches on could shoot up with early morning volume.
    RVP, kinda like AVOE but it’s move may be over, time will tell.

    GLad to hear things are better.

  2. Keep and eye on XUHA, may pop big on OTC in the next couple days.

    VG may be a good short if it pops around $2.50 again and doesn’t break its previous $2.63. Scares me in that $2.25 pump-caused range its sitting at now.

    Ugly market today, Glad you came out ahead Reaper..

  3. I got Work tomorrow. I woulda been watchin APCVZ. NENE is closing in on a support line for a long-term upward trend too, (although those probably dont matter with OTC stocks). Lookin to see what it does.

    I gotta sell HESV tomorrow first thing in the morning.
    I thought it would have potential to go higher but i gotta leave the second the market opens.

    Click my name for the rest of my watchlist.

  4. Guys I have a really crappy connection at work, in the morning it does decent but as the day goes on it gets worse.
    I tried several times yesterday to respond to comments only to have my page time out when I hit send, but I still read everything.

  5. john, that chart has a fading pattern that I notice on a lot of charts before they break out, not sure that’s fixing to happen here but fading volume and sideways to down action may pop.
    I have several of these after they have happened, I don’t know if this is a trend, probably not but I like to think I found something every now and then. 🙂

  6. I would be careful with VG, news is making it unpredictable IMHO.
    SVA is looking to be a good short, I had that in mind before I got the Tim alert but my comment was eaten again.
    NVAX has early morning volume but I’m having problems with my charts.
    KGN would be a buy with a break above 3.50 if the volume picks up.

  7. Guys, ABK and IPII looks like the better pre-market leaders this morning, both look like they will have panick buying like SVA yesterday.
    Sorry for the amount of comments but my connection really sucks.

  8. Check out the charts of VG from the 25th-26th. Huge gap up in AH/premarket, and when the bell came there was a big surge in buyers. That’s my only evidence that VG may do the same today, as once again there is a big gap up. I think that unless the momentum leaves, the stock will keep going, at least for a time.

  9. cwn, no disrespect and maybe Michael will correct me if I’m wrong, but trying to use past history with a stock falls under the market timing category and I have learned the hard way to stay away from that.
    I say this in the most humblest of ways.

    NVAX might be a good short below 6.00, they got downgraded and traded 49million shares yesterday, should be a lot of selling pressure today.

  10. Preston — I’d disagree with you on that. Plenty of traders I know look to the recent past to see how a stock trades. It is far from perfect, but can help. For example, if a stock has had a few isolated huge up days in the past couple months and each was followed by a nice decline, I would think it more likely that it would not have a second huge up day following another such spike.

  11. Thanks guys, I have to learn the difference between market timing and true strategies that use a form of reading charts to trade stocks.

  12. NVAX below 6 but it didn’t fall like I thought.

    Robert I thought it would drop and I would have played it but I have no daytrades left.

  13. PFAP I mentioned Friday brokeout today after moving past its 2.35 resist.
    XUHA brokeout for another 20% move today

    Keep an eye on these two, charts are wide open on both now and I bet they will continue running up tomorrow.

  14. I’m short 100 shares of SVA, will have to hold overnight so I took a small position. It seems to be breaking down a little.

    1. Preston — I don’t see why you or anyone else for that matter would put yourself in the situation where if you need to get out your account will be locked. There are few enough trade setups that are truly ideal, so taking a risk on one that is not ideal seems foolish to me.

  15. I am considering going back into HLCS. What do you guys think? My reasoning is beacuse of the sidways action coupled with low volume. What I’m not sure of is if the current price is a new baseline, or if it still has plenty of room to drop.

  16. Thanks Michael, that’s my gambler/risk taker mentality coming out in me. Since I have been following you I am two fold better but still have a lot of improvement to make.
    In my mind only buying 100 shares was enough to justify the trade.

    Did you get that cup of coffee I sent you, I got an error message after I sent it.

    1. Yes, got it. Thanks! The 100 shares thing is a fallacy … your risk is limited, but your potential reward is commensurately limited. So your risk/reward still sucks.

  17. Ok, point taken. It’s a shame I don’t have any trades left, I’m in at 8.935, could have made an easy .10 or .12 cents.
    This stock could very easily go sideways from here are spike back up on any kind of news. 🙁

  18. I’m feeling a bit down from the losess I’ve had this week. In the period I held HLCS from 2.08, was it wrong for me to not take profits when it couldn’t break 2? I had my stop set for 2.18, but I wonder if that was too high. Blah, stuff like this just confuses me.

  19. i look at resistance and support as a BRICK wall in front of the stock movement of the stock. if thers no momentum and its not going fast enough and takes to long to break through the wall.. then i pull out immediately.

  20. John thats a good idea for buying, but can that idea be applied to shorting stocks that are fading? It’s funny cause on my overnight short on HLCS, I made a profit but missed on the fade, but the 2nd time I short it, I skip the profit and hold, and get stopped.

  21. I feel less strongly than John — it isn’t like a brick wall. Sometimes support/resistance levels don’t really affect how a stock trades. On the other hand, if a stock bounces hard off of a support level, that would tend to indicate that there is meaningful support there and lead me to lean towards covering a short.

  22. It’s days like today that I lose sight of good places to exit a trade. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I think I’ll try and focus on one stock (if any) and go strictly for gains and not expectations.

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