Out of commission

My trading computer’s installation of Windows decided to die, so I am in the process of reinstalling all my programs. It could be up to a day or two before I am functioning normally again. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please post watchlist ideas as comments on this post.

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  1. Hey Reaper,
    Good luck with your system. What do you think about SCLN for tomorrow? It seems like it has to break above $5 but where is the next level after that? Thanks!

  2. BONU looks interesting to me, long on strength, short on failure.
    SVA could run some more on news.
    RPFG went up for no apparent reason, will watch tomorrow to see what happens with it.
    I really messed up HLCS today, big learning day for me, though not sure I wouldn’t do it again.
    Hate to hear that about your computer, sometimes you really don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. 🙂

  3. you should put a video chatroom similar to livestock on your website.
    Easiest way to do this is to open a http://www.stickam.com account.
    You can make the video be the trades your looking at and what plays your playing. Whenever you log on to the chatroom people can view your thoughts or even update you on live stocks quicker… its like AIM with video.

    you just need software to transfer the stuff from your computer to go onto the live chat rather then a webcam.
    Also 6 other people can go live and show the charts they are looking at making it like a Board Room of traders with open screens available to see.

    Maybe a problem though when hiding account numbers though

    1. why o why would I want that? If I did do that it would be an expensive pay service–what I am doing real-time is pretty valuable IMHO. Also, I would think that would be distracting to me to do it.

      Now voice chat … that I’d consider.

  4. JohnC, thanks for the link to stickam.com I have an application for it, not trading but something else!

    Also I know TOS has a nice little check box to hide, account numbers and account balance etc. Not sure if TWS has that.

  5. Watch $SVA for a pre-market leader, volume is already starting to move. It has positive news as well.
    $NVAX is showing some strength as well, it may open to high but if it pulls back before opening bell it will be a buy. It has a positive press release as well.
    $BONU is showing good strength and has a press release at 5:50 so buyers could flood in early.
    I’m not basing my views from the news of these only the momentum it will carry after opening bell.

    1. I like your thinking Preston. BONU would’ve been an obvious long on strength yesterday … today is riskier. SVA I might actually play if I am comfortable with how my computer is acting, since it should have more momentum after yesterday.

  6. Thanks Michael, I have a good teacher. 🙂
    I just got TIms’ alert and he has a couple of these for shorts but I think they will be momentum longs early. Then we can rape a pillage after the momentum dies.
    Now that I’m looking at NVAX again it’s pulling off it’s pre-market highs, may be an excellent buy.


    Here is a good chat room that we were using over on Goodvibes blog, it works very well and there is several security controls that give certain people control over the comments in case someone gets ignorant or stupid. I never started a chat but I’m sure you have to embed it in a comment then allow a few producers who then have to approve people to not have their comments moderated, after that it runs itself.

  7. In and out of SVA. 500 @ 11.183, out @ 11.938, 378.00 profit. I got a bad fill but not to bad of exit.

    Thanks Michael…..

  8. $177, i was stubborn when it was showing $300 – $400 profit and was too late by the time i realized where resistance was when it touched at 1.92 🙁

  9. im 3 for 3 only +$200 though with small gains, and the large gain was an extremely small position because i reached the day trading limit and knew i couldnt sell it today. But HESV at .0084 did double for me. SEC sucks tho

  10. Hey bud, I hope the technical problems are close to an end, are you getting to the point of using a hammer to fix things. 🙂

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