Tomorrow is the day for the pwnage of Vonage!

Here is some music by Piffaro, my favorite trading music. I had it playing while doing my trade recap but unfortunately the microphone didn’t catch it.

No watch list for tomorrow besides VG. I’m short big VG overnight looking for morning panic tomorrow. Here is the video about the trade.

+    SLD    700    SCLN    false    Stock    4.661    USD    ISLAND    09:36:53        3.50
BOT    700    SCLN    false    Stock    4.64    USD    ISLAND    09:37:20        3.50
+    BOT    2,000    ADVNB    false    Stock    .710    USD    SMART    10:32:08        8.06
+    SLD    1,100    ADVNB    false    Stock    .705    USD    BATS    10:46:45        3.95
SLD    900    ADVNB    false    Stock    0.70    USD    ISLAND    10:47:09        3.15
BOT    10,000    GSPI    false    Stock    0.0200    USD    SMART    11:59:28        1.00
+    BOT    10,000    GSPI    false    Stock    .020    USD    SMART    12:00:23        1.00
SLD    5,000    GSPI    false    Stock    0.0230    USD    SMART    12:42:27        1.00
SLD    5,000    GSPI    false    Stock    0.0230    USD    SMART    12:42:27        1.00
SLD    5,000    GSPI    false    Stock    0.0210    USD    SMART    12:51:30        1.00
SLD    5,000    GSPI    false    Stock    0.0210    USD    SMART    12:51:30        1.00
+    SLD    5,000    VG    false    Stock    1.990    USD    SMART    13:30:35        25.00
+    SLD    5,000    VG    false    Stock    1.990    USD    SMART    13:32:01        25.00
+    BOT    1,000    YMI    false    Stock    2.050    USD    ISLAND    14:18:06        5.00
+    SLD    5,000    VG    false    Stock    2.020    USD    ISLAND    14:50:46        25.00
SLD    1,000    YMI    false    Stock    2.0200    USD    ISLAND    15:30:41        5.00
(does not include SogoElite trades)

Today’s profit: $702.74

Disclosure: Short 15,000 shares of VG at an average price of  $1.99502. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the day for the pwnage of Vonage!”

  1. Reaper! You missed my comments in one of the TimAlerts posts about YMI.

    “cwn6161 – August 27th, 2009 at 10:32 am
    Watch YMI to see if it can break resistance at 2”

    “cwn6161 – August 27th, 2009 at 10:42 am
    there goes YMI…”

    After your posts about whole numbers I’ve been looking for them, guess I better mention the ones I see on here as well! 🙂

    On another note, how do you think you’ll handle a selling panic in the morning on VG? I know you said that around 1.60 or so stop losses could come into play, so will you hold even further than that? Or try to get out before a squeeze comes in (if its possible at this point)?

  2. cwn6161–nothing I said in my video is to be taken as gospel … I was really tired and frustrated (due to non-trading things). You never know where exactly stop losses are. They could be as high as $1.90 or $1.80. I will watch the price action to determine what to do. Considering that VG has been bouncy, if it tanks a ton quickly I will likely cover.

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