On watch: Rentech Inc. (Amex: RTK)

On watch for short: Rentech Inc (RTK). It has been choppy in the past, though. Short on green/red. The news that has sent it skyrocketing from 30 cents is mainly fluff.


On watch for long is AXL, following financing news. The news wasn’t the greatest, but there is a good chance of some short squeezing.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

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  1. Reaper – are your tweets protected? I signed up to follow you on twitter, but didn’t get anything you sent from today.

  2. (RTK) is not up on “fluffy” stuff. They had their first positive earnings last quater and blew away estimates and the have the only certified synthetic fuel approved for commercial airline use and then they announced a multi year, mutli airline deal….sound more than fluff to me. They might be small now and need to size up and that will take time and money but I think this is a real story. Might not be an easy short.

  3. meyou — You are correct about earnings on August 10. The recent move however is way overdone as it is based on ‘fluffy’ news as I explained in the video. The airline deal PR states that the airlines agreed to buy “up to” 1.5m gallons per year. No prices were announced and no minimums were announced. In other words, all this means is that the airlines will consider buying RTK’s fuel if it is priced at market prices.

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