August 18th trade recap: Blah, day 2

It probably wouldn’t have been so blah if my quotes at IB had been working in the premarket. I missed huge gains in RTK and AXL. Instead I made $14.01 by buying RDN and AFN. Both AFN and RDN were pre-leader longs. I played them both well; they just did not continue to go up.

+    BOT    1,500    AFN    false    Stock    .920    USD    NYSE    09:33:55        7.50
+    SLD    1,500    AFN    false    Stock    .930    USD    DRCTEDGE    09:39:32        7.50
+    BOT    200    RDN    false    Stock    8.040    USD    SMART    10:42:49        1.00
+    SLD    200    RDN    false    Stock    8.120    USD    SMART    10:52:49        1.00

I also bought my 249 shares of ZRBA.

BOT    249    ZRBA    false    Stock (SCM)    3.75    USD    ISLAND    11:36:43        1.24

AXL I bought late in the day as it hit a new high. I played it too big considering how poor I am at these. If I had played it smaller I would have probably held overnight for a likely gap-up.

+    BOT    1,000    AXL    false    Stock    5.700    USD    SMART    15:35:32        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    AXL    false    Stock    5.750    USD    NYSE    15:37:33        5.00

MERC another fat-fingered short, far from ideal. I covered literally 10 seconds before it plunged 20 cents. Oh well.

+    SLD    3,000    MERC    false    Stock (NMS)    1.500    USD    SMART    15:50:08        15.00
+    BOT    1,500    MERC    false    Stock (NMS)    1.460    USD    DRCTEDGE    15:53:47        7.50
+    BOT    1,500    MERC    false    Stock (NMS)    1.500    USD    ISLAND    15:55:06        7.50

Today’s Profit: $84.09

Disclosure: Long 249 ZRBA. I have a disclosure policy.

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