Watchlist for Friday August 14th

Short and sweet tonight. I’m not a fan of being short over the weekend so I’m not aggressively looking to short anything.

TRX, Inc. (TRXI):  Nice big two day move on no news and fade after morning spike today. Would be a short on green/red action but it is lower volume and lower-priced so I will likely not trade it.

Newcastle Investment Corp. (NCT):  Nice move today and after hours it broke multi-month resistance at $1.25. A buy if it breaks $1.25 during regular trading although if it gaps up it will be much riskier.

Craft Brewers Alliance, Inc. (HOOK):  Beautiful move today. I almost bought it but instead bought TPI as it was a late hit to the pre-leader list; I was scared off because of lower volume.

GRRF:  Arggh. (No reason, just wanted to say that; too low of volume to interest me.)

Tucows Inc. (TCX):  Way lower volume so it doesn’t interest me too much, but that is a nice breakout on big volume relative to what it normally trades with.

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for Friday August 14th”

  1. Tucows!! Those douchebags are still around!!?!? We used to host a mirror for those morons, back when FTP was cool! And I forgot they bought up Platypus, I would rather handwrite invoices then use that crapass billing software!! I did a migration from it a few years back and ended up giving up and manually rekeying all the data over, backasswards shit!!

  2. PBSO had a nice move today and might spike further in the am on news just released. look in am for pre-market leader.
    I had NCT picked as well but I have to admit I didn’t know what to do with it, lol, I have to get better at that.
    ONSM is also up on pre-release earnings, do you at all pay attention to this and look for plays after they release.

    Do you ever scan for big losers and try to play them on their jump back. I look at a lot of charts that have dips in them but a big percentage of them comes back some degree of what they were.

  3. Preston — ONSM looks nice; I don’t play earning to play earnings, only when the price action is right. PBSO not my type (like DNE).

    I am horrible at playing bounces. I know some people who are good at it, but I am very bad. So those aren’t bad plays in general, but for me they are.

  4. Sorry about that, I have to get better at looking at the news window in ToS.
    Glad you caught it, some great calls in your watchlist by the way, really good calls.
    Do you ever look to play stocks like GRRF both ways, pre-market leader in the morning and then go short in the fade, or is that to much risk at that point.

  5. Yeah you could play GRRF both ways. But there are better odds going long. Until I get really good at playing this type I’m going to stick to going long.

  6. Is holding on earnings plays a good idea over the weekend? Or does the momentum subside over the weekend making it much less likely to go up on Monday?

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