Who’s your daddy now?

Who’s Your Daddy Inc. investors may be thinking that the company’s name is a taunt to them considering that its stock price has fallen over 95% in the past year (graph at Google Finance). The maker of King of Energy™ energy drinks now has a market capitalization of under $2 million and its stock price is at $0.17. Who’s Your Daddy has a stockholder’s deficit of $3.8 million (that’s a negative book value, folks) and a loss of $335,000 on sales of $103,000 in the most recent quarter. The company has under $2,000 in cash and $61,000 in accounts receivable. Unless the company receives a cash infusion quickly it will likely go bankrupt.

Our auditor has raised substantial doubt about our ability to continue our business. We need to obtain sufficient liquidity to continue as a going concern if our business is to achieve profitability. [quote taken from 10k]

(click image for full-sized stock chart)

Who’s Your Daddy 2007 10k
Who’s Your Daddy 10Q for period ending March 31, 2008

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