For the archive, posts from my abandoned blog at OTC Microcap Research

Seven years ago I thought to put out more detailed research on certain pump and dump scams on a separate blog at After a handful of highly-researched posts I got distracted and stopped. I am now giving up that domain name and shutting down that website. Below is a list of all the posts from that website that I am now posting here for posterity:

The Reason for this website

Every day I see another pump and dump campaign. The budgets for these stock promotions can run into the millions of dollars. The stock manipulation can be quite blatant. The illicit profits are certainly in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year. There are those who speak the truth about these frauds, but by and large, the people most in need of the truth never see it. Rather than complain about slow regulators or blog in obscurity, I aim to distribute the research on this website to the widest audience possible.

How will I do that? I may syndicate some of the articles here on SeekingAlpha or other blog aggregation services. I may also issue press releases when I issue reports. Just as the stock promoters use rent-an-analyst companies to always get rosy analyst reports, I will issue research, but I will do so with absolutely no bias or payment.

To minimize my financial risk and to ensure that I appear as unbiased as I am, I will not publish any research on this blog on stocks in which I or those related to me or my company have a beneficial interest, long or short. I will continue to research stocks that I trade (I am a professional penny-stock short seller) but will only publish those reports on my trading blog. This website will have no ads except for a small ad for, for which I receive affiliate payments for anyone who signs up after clicking my link.

Let the games begin!
Michael Goode
Managing Member, MorningLightMountain LLC

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