OTC Markets Kills a couple more pumps with caveat emptor designation ☠

On July 25th after the market close, OTC Markets designated Suntex Enerprises (SNTX) as caveat emptor. See their caveat emptor policy that explains why some stocks get that designation. That day it closed at $0.82936 and three days later closed at $0.215. Per OTC Market Research (link to members-only page), SNTX was promoted by PennystockTitans.com starting on July 23rd via email. From the email’s disclaimer: “PennyStockTitans.com has been paid up to $300,000.00 in cash compensation from Quantum Capital for a profile of Suntex Enterprises (OTC:SNTX).”

On July 23rd after the market close, OTC Markets designated Wellness Matrix Group (WMGR) as caveat emptor. That day the stock closed at $0.244. Two days later WMGR closed at $0.08 and is now around $0.11. WMGR had been promoted through Google click ads linking to an online landing page. As I write this, the click ads are still up.

The landing page is at https://bigstocks.io/stock-pick-abc-4/

Disclosed budget: $35,000 
Promoter:  Delta media Group LLC (BigStocks.io)
Paying party:  Kilwater Capital LLC
Shares outstanding:  362,500,004 
Free float: 4,030,004
Previous closing price: $0.125
Market capitalization: $45 million

Excerpt from disclaimer:

Delta Media business model is to receive financial compensation to promote public companies. Pursuant to an agreement between Delta Media Group LLC and Kilwater Capital LLC (a non affiliated 3rd party), Delta Media has been hired for a period beginning on 07/16/19 and ending on 08/16/19 to conduct investor relations advertising and marketing and publicly disseminate information about (WMGR) via Website, Email and SMS. We have been paid thirty five thousand dollars via bank wire transfer. We expect to receive additional compensation as the investor awareness continues.

Clicking on the link to the ‘analyst report’ on the landing page leads to another page on the same website, purportedly written by “John Davis” of BigStocksPicks.com. BigStockPicks.com currently gives an error when I visit it.

In my opinion, the analyst mentioned on the landing page, “John Davis,” does not exist. Furthermore, the picture of him was stolen from a real venture capitalist named Jeff Williams.

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Disclaimer: I am currently short LQWC. I have no position in any other stock mentioned. I have no relationship with any parties mentioned above except that I am a paying subscriber to OTC Market Research. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

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