How Boiler Room pump and dumps end: Comerton Corp (COCM)

Of all the various kinds of pump and dumps, I like shorting boiler room pumps the best. The reason for that is once they end, they don’t bounce back. The boiler rooms these days use fake names and temporary phone numbers and mail drop boxes to pretend to be in a location when they are halfway around the world. They cold call people on their suckers list to get them to buy and once they sell all the stock or they can’t get anymore suckers, they disconnect the phones and move on. No re-pumps or big bounces for a short seller to worry about and utter account destruction for the people who bought. See for example the Tactical Services (LUADD then TTSI) pump and dump and the OneLife Technologies (OLMM) pump and dump.

LUADD/TTSI daily chart:

There was a SeekingAlpha Article on OLMM as well as tweets by some traders I respect saying that it was a boiler room pump:


OLMM daily chart:

Of note: OLMM received the caveat emptor designation (skull and crossbones) by OTCMarkets on Mary 8th and that likely caused the promoters to abandon it.

Disclaimer from an email or landing page promoting OLMM:


While I missed out on shorting Comerton Corp (COCM) because I did not find shares to short, OLMM and TTSI were both remunerative shorts for me.

Below is the chart of COCM. Once again, suckers got destroyed. OTCMarkets gets significant credit for stopping this promotion — they gave the stock the dreaded caveat emptor designation on June 5th. After that it had one more up day before falling drastically. One note to short sellers: Interactive Brokers now prohibits new positions in stocks with the caveat emptor designation (although they take a couple days to apply this after the stock gets the designation). See stocks that have received the caveat emptor designation.


I would like to thank Promotion Stock Secrets / Day Trading Buzz for mentioning this in their daily update back in early May. I don’t trade a lot of pump and dumps anymore but especially for the under-the-radar ones their service is very useful — if you aren’t on the sucker call list it is hard to find out which stocks are undergoing a boiler room promotion. I searched and searched for shares to short but ended up missing out on shorting Comerton Corp. Only a few people were able to short it.

From the Promotion Stock Secrets daily morning update in early May:

COCM – Comerton Corp – stock callers promotion style tape with bids and crosses – has lower level connections and was a poor promotion previously as HAGE – check our research for reference and monitor for awareness, updates, exponential volume increase, upticks

A search for posts on $COCM on Twitter lead to one person saying that he was called and told to buy the stock:

A quick call to the above phone number led to a voice-mailbox for “Stephen Harris” so it looks like that virtual phone number was already disconnected and reused by someone else (who likely has no connection to the boiler room).

Disclaimer. No position in any stock mentioned and I have no relationship with anyone mentioned in this post except that I am a subscriber to Promotion Stock Secrets and have been for a few years. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

5 thoughts on “How Boiler Room pump and dumps end: Comerton Corp (COCM)”

  1. I got a call from this guy as well asking me to buy 100,000 shares @ $0.65 and he give me an exit strategy at $1.50.

    I waiting and just followed the stock and when it went above $1 I was kicking myself and then of course disaster stuck.

  2. I got a call from alex who is from at the time when COCM is about 1.00 and told me they are making the price up to 4.00 or 5.00 and the final goal is go to Nasdaq. I did some research and easily find out it’s a SCAM. The so called wind energy hi-tech company is a joke. I am a IT guy, not easy to fool me with an amateur website.

  3. Hi
    I’m newbe
    I got trapped in the cocm scam and still in with 60k shares bought at .65. I thought it would go up one day. Will it go to .0000 should i wait, will it go up?
    These are all the questions without answers. Once i get out it’s lost for good
    Many thanks

    1. It is possible that the stock will go back up somewhat but that is very rare. Lots of times these things (particularly stocks pumped with boiler rooms) never bounce up again and then they just reverse split and issue a ton of new shares and that essentially wipes out old shareholders. Your money is gone already.

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