SEC Suspends trading in FinestPennyStock pump Broke Out $BRKO

Today, less than two minutes prior to the market open, the SEC suspended trader in Broke Out (BRKO), the current pump that has squeezed shorts like crazy the last two days. The stock will resume trading on April 1st. Likely among those shorts getting squeezed the last couple days is Hunter Adams of The Street Sweeper, which had two negative reports on BRKO and reported being short BRKO in those reports.

I think it likely that this suspension will kill or at least greatly reduce the efficacy of FinestPennystock. AwesomePennystocks was forced to ‘retire’ by SEC trading suspensions on two consecutive pumps and became much less effective after the May 2014 trading suspension of PGFY. FinestPennyStocks has connections to Awesomepennystocks so this SEC trading suspension is surprising to me only in how long it took since FinestPennystocks started pumping successfully 18 months ago.


SEC suspension press release (PDF)
SEC suspension order (PDF)


From the SEC press release:

The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of BRKO because of concerns regarding the accuracy and adequacy of information in the marketplace and potentially manipulative transactions in BRKO’s common stock.



2016-3-17 BRKO 1m

Below are the FinestPennyStocks websites from which I have received BRKO pump emails:

The prior FinestPennyStocks pump was CLOW which was preceded by EURI.

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