MediJane Holdings Inc $MJMD: A Blatant marijuana pump and dump

On May 13th prior to the market open I received the first emails touting MediJane Holdings (MJMD) from and The emails linked to With marijuana stocks and pumps both doing poorly recently and the recent SEC trading suspensions of marijuana stock FSPM and pump PGFY it is very unlikely the the price of MJMD will go up much more.



Disclosed budget: up to  $400,000 per week (?)
Promoter:  UnderValued Quarterly & David Katz
Paying party: Globalvision Communications LLC
Shares outstanding: 63,000,000
Previous closing price: $1.09
Market capitalization: $68 million

Screenshot of pump page:


PDF copy of pump page


Excerpt from disclaimer:

This is a paid advertisement by The UnderValued Quarterly Newsletter (“UVQ”). UVQ has received $20,000 from or on behalf of Globalvision Communications LLC (“GMS”) in compensation for this advertisement to enhance public awareness of MediJane Inc (“MediJane” or the “Company”).

GMS is managing an online weekly advertising budget of up to $400,000 USD in an effort to build industry and investor awareness, paid to GMS from a shareholder(s) of MediJane.


Full disclaimer:



Disclaimer: I have no position in any stock mentioned above. I have no relationship with any parties mentioned above. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

6 thoughts on “MediJane Holdings Inc $MJMD: A Blatant marijuana pump and dump”

  1. Is it me or does the David Katz picture look like a super imposed image of various facial features added together?

  2. These characters are scam artists.

    Word to anyone looking to invest in this company: DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!

    Google the officers of this company and those they have alliances with. They are all related. Information is bogus. It’s a smoke and mirrors shell game. These people are crooks.I hope they come down hard on these companies.

  3. Martin Tindall currently of Phoenix Life Sciences International was behind this. If you look at the Medijane SEC filings, you’ll see all the conflicts of interest and basically living lavishly off investors money.

    Plus there’s a history of bankruptcy and insolvency in Australia. Facts don’t lie. Hold onto your cash and don’t invest unless you’re planning to lose it all.

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