Eco-Tek Group $ETEK gets a repump

As can be seen in the chart, Eco-Tek (ETEK) was promoted back in February of this year. There were many emails from bad promoters as well as an online landing page at I have archivedd a PDF version of that page. Since April Eco-Tek has had very little volume.


I just received an email this weekend from linking to the website This time there is a much higher budget disclosed, so this stock will likely get plenty of volume over the next couple weeks. Of course, more promotion and more trading volume doesn’t mean the stock will go up. ETEK still has an absurdly large market cap and I think anyone who buys it is crazy. I would be excited about the possibility of selling the stock short but the price is lower than I prefer.

Disclosed budget: $450,000

Promoter: Future Money Trends

Paying party: BC Ltd.

Shares outstanding:  250,819,800
Previous closing price: $0.27
Market capitalization: $67 million

Excerpt from disclaimer:

Eco-Tek Group Inc. (hereafter ‘ETEK’), the company featured in this report, appears as paid advertising, paid by BC Ltd. (a non-affiliated third party). ETEK has neither approved nor paid for this specific advertisement. FutureMoneyTrends received a ten thousand dollar editorial fee to cover editorial costs associated with the development of this email and online report. FutureMoneyTrends stands to make a profit from the editorial services charged. BC Ltd. has paid or expects to pay upwards of four hundred and fity thousand dollars as a total production budget for this online advertising effort.


PDF copy of promotion page.



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