American Graphite Technologies (OTCBB: AGIN) $1.1m hard mailer pump & dump

American Graphite Technologies (OTCBB: AGIN) has been on the watchlist of Prepromotion Stocks since back in January. It is now a confirmed hard mailer pump. A former Tim Challenge student emailed me this morning with photos he took of it. Click on each image to see a full-size version. Disclaimer here.

[Update 3/14/2013]: See a scan of the full 26-page mailer (40 megabyte pdf). Thanks to Sam.

agin2 agin4 agin1

Disclosed budget: $1,160,000
Promoter: Wall Street Revelator

Paying party: Heavenly Vision Ltd.

Shares outstanding: 78,218,750
Previous closing price: $0.89
Market capitalization: $69 million

Report on Promotion Stock Secrets on AGIN.


Excerpt from disclaimer:

 Wall Street Revelator is a bona fide publication of general and regular circulation … Wall Street Revelator has received a total amount of twenty seven thousand … Heavenly Vision Ltd. paid one million one hundred sixty thousand …


The previous Wall Street Revelator pump was MAXE, which did poorly:maxe

[Update 3/14/2013]:

Thee is now an online pump page for AGIN:

Partial disclaimer: “ and its affiliate companies have been paid three hundred thousand dollars in cash by Heavenly Vison for investor relations work.”

PDF copy of pump page.


Disclaimer: I am long 3,000 shares of AGIN purchased at $0.93 this morning. [Update 3/13/2012 – I sold my shares for a small gain soon after the open]. I am a day-trader and may sell these shares at any time. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.


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