George Sharp wins libel suit agains / Michael Osborn

This news is over a week old and I retweeted Sharp’s tweet about this just over a week ago, but I thought it worthwhile to post the full order. What Sharp has posted on is not the actual order although he has presented it in that way.

George Sharp won his libel suit against Michael Osborn et al. involving allegations posted by Osborn on The judge ordered:

(1) Defendants Michael Osborn aka Michael Osborn Ison, Illumination Fraud Foundation, and Abuse of Law Org [sic] (hereinafter “Defendants”) are ordered to transfer ownership and control of the domain names and underlying blogs for associated [sic] with and to Plaintiff; (2) once the transfer of the ownership and control to Plaintiff is completed, the substantive content currently contained on those websites and blogs is to be unpublished by the Plaintiff; (3) the Plaintiff shall not publish any statements about Defendant Michael Osborn on the website; (4) Defendants, and all those acting in concert shall be ordered to remove and not to repost, copy, restate, duplicate, or republish the content, comments or allegations regarding the Plaintiff, including but not limited to republishing the content that was contained on the websites and associated blogs of and on any other sites or blogs; and (5) if any other website or blogs have already been established by the Defendants those websites and blogs shall be unpublished forthwith.

I have uploaded a copy of the decision (pdf). The decision does not affect Sharp’s website that criticizes Michael Osborn: and that website remains up.

George Sharp is known in the penny stock world as a litigious anti-pumper gadfly (and I don’t mean that in a bad way — we need more people to provoke and annoy stock promoters); he has sued companies involved in pump and dumps including Writers Film Group (WRIT) and companies being pumped by spam emails (EMPM, MSTG, IDOI and BRND most recently). I made some money selling short the BRND spam pump. Osborn had accused Sharp of being Leslie Howard and running, and it is those accusations that led to Sharp’s libel suit (pdf). I previously blogged about Leslie Howard becoming a stock promoter.


Disclaimer: No relationship with any parties named above (except that I have emailed Sharp previously to obtain his court filings in the spam lawsuit) and no positions in any stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

One thought on “George Sharp wins libel suit agains / Michael Osborn”

  1. The fact of the matter is that George Sharp s litigious. Thank God for that. Who knows how many pump and dumps he has ruined and how many people he has kept from being hurt. MIchael Osborn is a crook and deserved the verdict against him. Now if only Sharp could figure out a way to nail Osborn’s partner, Jehu Hand.,

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