My four monitor workspace: What I watch during the trading day

Below is a screenshot of my 4-monitor workspace with all the programs I normally use during the trading day. Click the image for a full-size screenshot. My middle two monitors are 22″ and have 1900 x 1200 resolution so this is a huge image. I describe what I have on each monitor going from top left to bottom right


Leftmost monitor: My trades at IB (Interactive Brokers) are at the top left, and to the right of that are a Speedtrader level 2 and time and sales window. Below the IB trades window is a 1m intraday chart of the same stock that is on the level 2 / time and sales. To the right of that is the old version of Tweetdeck.

Middle-left monitor: All these are Speedtrader Pro windows. The only window that might need some explanation is the top middle window, which is what I call the HOD list (high of day list) which shows every stock meeting certain criteria that is making or touching its high of the day.

Middle-right monitor: This has my Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation (TWS) with a large level 1 watchlist, and in the bottom right it has news on stocks I have a position in and the new “market signals” price scanner at IB. In the upper-right, mostly beneath the IB windows, is the free Prodigio RTS platform that I use for backup quotes. I also use this monitor for looking at my trade-tracking spreadsheet and the internet on Chrome or Firefox.

Rightmost monitor: The top left is chat, with a Speedtrader Time and Sales and Level 2 to its right, my email inbox at the far right, and IB’s top % gainers scanner (otcbb and pinksheet only) at the bottom left.


Disclaimer: No relationship with any parties named above (except that I am a user of and an affiliate seller of and no positions in any stocks or funds mentioned (except for those positions showed on my screens, which I may no longer hold). This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.





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