FBI / DOJ catch alleged Swiss pump & dumper in sting

See the full article in the New York Post.

An alleged pump-and-dump artist and a cohort were arrested on a Midtown Manhattan street last week in a case that resembled an international cat-and-mouse game that could have been ripped from a spy thriller. An undercover FBI agent, posing as a middleman with access to crooked stock brokers, coaxed the alleged pump-and-dump financier, Jean-Pierre Neuhaus, from his home in Switzerland to the Big Apple to finalize the deal, The Post has learned.

Neuhaus’ reluctance to travel to the US appears to be related to a 2000 incident in which he was forced to pay the Securities and Exchange Commission more than $570,000 for an earlier shady stock deal.


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2 thoughts on “FBI / DOJ catch alleged Swiss pump & dumper in sting”

  1. Michael, reading through your blogs, I understand buy-in risk is a big problem with shorting pumps. But shorting for short periods (a day or less) seems irrational to me. Who knows when a pump will get dumped? The stock could be getting re-pumped right after you start shorting. What is your view on shorting a portfolio of pumped stocks over a longer time horizon. Hopefully, the risk of your entire portfolio getting bought in is low, but odds are that all the pumps in your portfolio will eventually get dumped.

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