The problem with front-running the likely pump & dump of EVGI

The problem is the most effective pumpers, if their pump is being front-run by speculators, will just delay the pump or even cancel it. Pennypic (Pudong LLC) canceled their pump of WTKN in January 2010. BestDamnPennystocks has delayed a couple pumps over the last year. Golden Dragon Media / Pudong LLC / Free Penny Alerts LLC delayed their pump of GGRI from June 6th of this year until June 27th after people started front-running it.

Everyone and their mother believes that EVGI will be the next BestDamnPennyStocks pump & dump … and that makes it more likely that those speculators trying to front-run that pump will get seriously burned. While BestDamnPennyStocks has previously pumped at least one stock (MDFI on April 19) despite a massive front-run, the risks if they pull the pump at the last minute are far greater than the potential gains. RAPT, pumped by BestDamnPennyStocks on February 9th of this year, was actually supposed to be pumped on January 11th. The problem is that lots of traders figured this out and started to front-run RAPT. The result? The pump was delayed and as a result RAPT dropped from .40 to .18 in one day.

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11 thoughts on “The problem with front-running the likely pump & dump of EVGI”

  1. so what do you think will happen with EVGI? will it steadily rise or do you think it will be a massive pump and dump! i would like it to rise steadily to become a long term stock. is that even possible?

  2. Nice writeup Mike. And that’s coming from a victim of the GGRI cancellation. Apparently the only one accd. to 🙂 And I see Pat there living up to the nickname I gave him: Enpumplopedia Pattannica.

  3. someone’s been keeping notes on bdps 🙂
    catch ya all in Vegas this year, when pump season is finally back in full swing

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