Silence in the library

My blogcation has now become an indefinite halt of regular blogging. Simply put, my blogging is not currently offering enough rewards (monetary and psychological) to compensate for the effort and hassle.  I will continue to post interesting links on Twitter (though rarely) and I will occasionally post new articles here. I am not disappearing completely from the internet; I will continue to be the administrator/moderator of Tim Sykes’ chatroom.

I will continue to upload most of my trades to, which I update weekly or bi-weekly (from the beginning on this blog I have said that I will not share my trades in my ‘super-secret’ trading strategy and I do not upload those trades to; excepting for that strategy and a new pseudo-arbitrage strategy I have been using since December, I upload all of my new trades).

If you comment on this post, you can save time and effort by simply posting the number of one of the three most likely categories of comments:

(1) I love you! Please don’t go!
(2) You owe me more free content! You are a jerk for not giving me what I want for free!
(3) You are stupid, ugly, and your trading sucks. The world will be a better place without you polluting the blogosphere. I think so little of you that I compulsively read your blog and feel compelled to comment on it.

Disclosure: I get paid for moderating Sykes’ chatroom based on how many people are in it during trading hours. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

43 thoughts on “Silence in the library”

  1. 1. I love you! Please don’t go!

    But I can totally understand that you are feeling burned out. Goes without saying, do what makes you happy.

  2. I would like to add a big thank you to all my readers and especially to those who have added insightful comments. You know who you are and I love you guys.

  3. Au revoir mon ami!

    I know the feeling all too well. I respect and support your decision. Blogging continuously as you have can be a very trying exercise, one which can be hard to completely appreciate I think until you’ve tried it.

    I also naturally am grateful for all that you have shared. Many thanks!

    Good fortune to you in your endeavors.

  4. yo rapedog hey man i know what your saying. Stocks ain’t so fun when ya lose money all the time but hey its all cool bro. I havenot traded since payday advance banned me


  5. For instance, If i had posted SSN and nothing else when i got in at 1.16 a share, it’s now at 2.90. I would have loved someone just posting SSN and nothing else

  6. Good luck Michael. I don’t think I need to put a number up. The sheer fact I’m this late even responding is a sign that things change for everyone.

    Hope all is well,


  7. Michael,
    Ca fai deja un bon moment que je ne suis plus dans la chatroom.
    J’espere que tout va bien pour toi…
    Je lisais ton blog couramment, et j’y ai appris pleins de choses.
    Merci pour tous les bons conseils. J’espere que ce n’est pas la fin de ton blog!!
    A bientot dans ton “Neck of the woods”!

    1. Où es-tu allé? J’ai pensé des fois à toi. Oui, tout va assez bien. Ce n’est pas la fin mais il n’y aura pas beaucoup d’écriture au futur. Écris moi un courriel quand tu vien prés de moi!

  8. Just want to say that all your blogs have helped me and I have learned a lot. Especially the video recaps. There is a lot of good info here. Thanks for the efforts Reaper.

  9. damn Reap, I was wondering how come I haven’t seen a video from reaper on youtube for some time. I like the privacy (super secret strategy), and I totally agree if it’s not making profit (Tim says his biggest headache is the websites that don’t make profit) I guess there’s always Tim’s chat room and livestock, so laters.

  10. Thank you for all the knowledge sharing and trade recaps, your site has been an invaluable resource for neophytes (or at least one neophyte).

  11. I choose all 3 (1, 2, and 3) hehe.

    Dude, loved your posts but completely understand the effort that goes into each one.

    Trade well my friend


  12. 1 , hey I’m new to the game but don’t worry reaper i got yo back. I watched your SEC filing videos that Timothy Sykes tried to profit from…haha just trolling you Tim. Anyways Reaper i respect you man and you seem to be one of the smarter dudes out there. It sounds to me like you guys got a good thing going here, you know who your friends are but every once in a while you gotta clean out the garbage. That’s my philosophy. So maybe if there are a few bad eggs…you can ban their IP addresses and say goodbye to them forever haha. just a suggestion, anyways i gotta get back to watching your videos. peace!

    1. Oh I did that IP banning thing. Of course it is easy to get around that by using a web proxy. Anyway, the annoyances caused by a couple highly motivated trolls were one of the main reasons I stopped blogging.

  13. yeah i know trolls all too well, from all the pc games I’ve played. It’s very hard to find decent people nowadays. There’s not really a good way to fight them, but in the long run it is them who are losing. They do not learn anything, and they’re just wasting their time. Anyways man I’d love to talk to you about possible trades and stuff, I’m trying to learn as much as i can right now but i would understand if your too busy atm or just don’t want to deal with people. I tried getting into the TimSykes chat room but i think you have to subscribe….which is too much dough for me…as i am a college student with no job(but i definitely have enough to start trading, and to start out above the pattern day trade rule 🙂 ) . But yeah i’ve been looking at chart patterns all day, writing down tickers and trying to predict it’s movement…think I’m learning but at this point it’s hard to say because the strategies I’ve been making work some days but not for other days. Guess i gotta take it a step further. One problem I’m having is…differentiating between super novas and a stock on a bullish run. Starting to think I get impatient and don’t wait for signs of weakness. Any suggestions you have for me will be excepted with open ears, well guess I’d be reading it…so open eyes.

    1. Well supernovae often start as a simple bullish move but the whole point is that they go up often a few hundred percent in a couple days. Take a look at ORS recently. Scan for stocks like that and short on fading or g/r action.

  14. Sorry to see u quit man, lot of respect 4 u. :^)

    I get some trolls, too, they of course are hard to avoid entirely.
    I assumed the main reason u quit was due to the huge time commitment, paid or unpaid.

    Blogging is hard work, I should know. It’s many hours of research and typing, etc.

    Wishing u luck in all your endeavors Reap…

    Big T

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