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  1. Thanks Jamal. I do not pay any heed to stupid people. That being said, interactions with stupid people do annoy me and will make it easier for me to eventually abandon my web presence (of course that would have come anyway).

  2. Totally agreed. Having a web presence is always fun for the initial launch, but after it settles into a routine after a few months, unless the work is actually enjoyable or you’re making money from it, it becomes a huge time drain and stressor. I’m surprised that you’ve kept this blog as long as you have. If you abandoned it it would make complete sense (not that you will, just that if you did it would be 100% understandable).

    In my view, your profit.ly track record is still monetizable if you wanted to manage capital in the future. Your blog, on the other hand, is less monetizable unless you really pushed your coaching/mentorship/ebook (which I personally think you shouldm although I don’t know if you really want to do that :-).

    Thanks for the insights and charts. Best wishes if you decide to keep doing daily recaps, switch to another style, or stop blogging altogether. Regardless, kudos for actually keeping your priorities prioritized!

  3. Speaking from now plenty of time and experience, I can attest running a trading blog is a lot of work. It can be rewarding, but comments from silly folks do not help matters.

    I have enjoyed your blog immensely, and thankfully you have done a great job for some time now, Reap. Ignore the idle minds, for every sap out there with unenlightened comments, many others are “reaping” value.

    Big T

  4. Hey Reaper

    I just wanted to chime also in support of you.

    I’m in total agreement with the others who have posted here, in particular Jamal’s comments. I think if you look at the way your critics choose to attack you (baseless ad hominems) and the way your peers choose to praise you (level handed critiques) you’ll see you’ve got the respect of who really matters.

    Traders in general aren’t know for having well developed social skills and twitter only enables that shortcoming even more so, which is why I don’t bother with it. To be honest I have no idea how you can mod a chatroom for as long as you have, I think I’d have lost my mind by now in your shoes.

    and you’ve definitely got your priorities straight. Take it from me your family is irreplaceable and invaluable. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in the midst of the daily grind. I know of many traders who have lost far more than they’ve gained monetarily because they lost sight of what you still see.

    And of course thanks for all you’ve shared over the years. If it’s time to hang up the blog, I think we all understand how demanding it is to keep a blog of your quality up and going.

    Hope you have a great holiday man and take care of yourself and the family!

  5. Aaron — I have no clue to monetize my performance in any of those ways. As it is I have done quite well. But when I stop blogging the reason will be because I am interested in doing other things with my time. I do not intend to stop trading, though.

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